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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
Culture Section
 Jung Jin-ju&Yang Jin-a
Lifestyle Change due to COVID-19
제 194 호    발행일 : 2020.11.09 


COVID-19 has been greatly affecting our everyday lives thus the term ‘post corona era’ is now widely used. Since the time people spend at home has been drastically increased, so-called ‘Stay at home plays’ appeared. The trendiest activities are definitely cooking tricky dishes with challenging and complicated recipes. In this article, CBT would like to introduce some of these challenging recipes and COVID-19 Daily Stay-at-Home Contest.

1. Dalgona Coffee

  Dalgona coffee is made of special foam which is made by whipping coffee powder, sugar and water in a 1:1:1 ratio for hundreds or thousands times. At This drink started to be called Dalgona coffee because the foam looks like Dalgona which is a Korean snack made of sugar and baking soda cooked it on a pan. However, after it became commonly available at cafés, the baristas actually put pieces of Dalgona on the top of the drink. Dalgona Coffee is actually the Korean version of Indian Cappuccino which -as the name suggests- originally came from India. It was first introduced In Korea via an entertainment show, ‘shinsangchyulshi pyeonstautant (New release convenient store- restaurant)’ in Macao with Jung Il Woo in January, 2020 and became popular after the COVID-19 situation got serious in Korea.


Ingredients (For 2 servings)- 2 tablespoons of Instant coffee mix and Sugar and Warm water, 300ml of Milk

1) Put the instant coffee mix and sugar in a bowl
2) Gradually pour warm water bit by bit and continuously whip it with a hand mixer at high speed.
3) Pour the milk in cups and put the foam on top.
4) Stir foam and milk thoroughly and enjoy it
Tip. You can sprinkle cinnamon powder or Dalgona crunch on it to have a sweeter Dalgona latte.

2. Soufflé Omelete

  Soufflé is a dish made by baking beaten egg whites with other ingredients. It has nice plumpy shape and fluffy texture. Omelete is usually a western breakfast or brunch dish. To create a Soufflé Omelete you have to allow the eggs to swell. However it does take a little effort to whip the egg whites and you probably whip it a lot more than you would think in the order for it to live up for its nickname which is an omelette that is made by beating 1000 times.


Ingredients (For 2 servings)- 3 Eggs, one tablespoon of Butter and Sugar, A pinch of salt.

1) Separate the egg yolks and egg whites and mix the yolks with salt .
2) Add the sugar to the whites and beat it with a hand mixer for 4 minutes to make it meringue.
3) Fold the yolk mixture into meringue and mix lightly
4) Put butter in a heated pan and add the yolk and meringue.
5) Cover the pan with a lid and cook for 5 minutes at low heat.
6) Fold it in half and cook the sides lightly.
Tip. You can enjoy this dish better with fried vegetables, mashed potatoes and maple syrup.

3. Pancake Cereal

  Pancakes thinly baked snacks bake made from flour, milk, eggs and salt. Cereal refers to grain and can be consumed as it is, but it is usually eaten with milk without any special cooking process. Pancakes and cereal are originally a popular option for breakfast ton busy mornings, with the added advantage of being able to have a quick and simple meal. However, it has also become a trend to make and eat pancake cereals by combining the characteristics of the two so that they can be enjoyed in various ways while engaging in leisure activities.


Ingredients (For 2 servings)
250g of Hotcake mix, 150ml of Milk, 1 Egg, Piping bag (or sauce bottle)
Ingredients for Topping
1 Cup of milk, A moderate amount of fruit, A little syrup, A little nuts
1) Mix the hotcake mix, milk, and eggs in a bowl with a whisk.
2) Put the batter in a piping bag or sauce bottle. Grease a heated pan slightly and bake the batter on medium low heat until it is golden brown.
3) Place paper foil on a wide tray and cool the baked pancakes for about 5 minutes
4) Put pancakes, milk, fruits, nuts, etc. in a bowl and enjoy them.

4. COVID-19 Daily Stay-at-Home Contest

  The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has prepared a contest to wisely overcome the prolonged daily life of COVID-19. The purpose of the contest is to create the first opportunity for the entire nation to enjoy stay-at-home culture under the theme of Introduce our fun stay-at-home play. During the first half of this year, Dalgona coffee making was very popular, and, so we set out to discover what kind of creative and pleasant methods people employ to amuse themselves at home. It is not limited to cooking, and a wide range of ideas from games to artistic activities can be submitted. The challenge is to produce a video for at least one to three minutes and post two hashtags. The works submitted will be judged by experts based on play, communication and ripple effects. For more details, I looked into the details with Lee Ha-young, a cultural policy official at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, who is in charge of the contest. She said, “There are prizes for the winners chosen by the judges, but there are also prizes for ideas with the most clicks and likes. We are also planning to re-create the most creative and well-made creations later at the COVID-19 Daily Stay-at-Home Contest and distribute them through official channels. However, it is difficult to encourage public participation and make it popular just by promoting it. It is hoped that the trend will go viral through the power of content itself. Even if you participate in the Naver Happy Bean contest through comments, you can donate 500 won to families who are struggling with COVID-1919, so please participate a lot.”

After the COVID-19virus outbreak, you may feel stuffy in your house because you have to refrain from going out. However, through these home-based games, you can make it an opportunity to discover the small joys you didn't experierence in your daily life before. Especially cooking is getting a bigger response than other stay-at-home games because Korean has a strong love of food. CBT reporters hope students at CBNU also spend time with their families, who have not been able to face each other due to their busy daily lives, and recharge their tired minds.

By Jung Jin-ju l asd030@cbnu.ac.kr
By Yang Jin-a l 2016020101@cbnu.ac.kr

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