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While greeting “The Day of CBNU”, on last March 17, a very special event occurred for Chungbuk Cheongju FC and student council “Gaehwa.” “The Day of CBNU” is the event where CBNU collaborated with a professional football team for the first time. It began with the MOU between the student council, aiming for local development, and Chungbuk Cheongju FC, the localʼs only professional soccer team which is participating in the K LEAGUE 2 since last year. Student council Gaehwa commented “We wanted to provide the new culture, ʻwatching soccerʼ with football club. We are planning various projects about new culture, where watching a soccer game can be established in university. Hence, the first event ʻThe Day of CBNU.ʼ”
The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a student military training corps that can be found in many universities in South Korea. The aim of the ROTC is to train elementary-level officers following the example of the ROTC in the U.S. Especially, the ROTC is an essential resource because it produces about 70% in the number of commissioned officers of elementary-level.
Do readers agree that there are a variety of concerns faced during university life? Concerns about academics, conflicts over career choice, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, and anxiety all seem daunting, do not they? Readers may be happy to hear that CBNU has a Student Life Counseling Center where students can share and resolve their concerns. The Student Life Counseling Center has a crisis management system in place to proactively respond to students’ psychological crises.
CBNU General Education Headquarters will operate a new project CBNU-FTC (Fresh TOEIC Certified) until Tuesday, Dec. 31. CBNU-FTC was established to encourage interest in foreign languages among freshmen (excluding students on leave of absence, re-entry students, transfer students, foreign students, and exchange students) and help them lay the foundation for future advancement into society by cultivating global capabilities.
As the new semester begins, students face various challenges when it comes to their major courses. Questions about whether the chosen major aligns with their interests and aptitude may arise. Especially for seniors approaching graduation, these concerns transform into practical issues such as job hunting. This article introduces innovative approaches to address these concerns for students grappling with such dilemmas.
In “Everytime,” the online student community of CBNU, students mostly express discontent about major subject enrollment during the enrollment period. For example, “Students want to register for their major subjects, but the maximum number of students per class that is set by the department is very small. Therefore, it is very difficult to register for those subjects.” and “I am a student who has a double major. To complete the credits required to graduate, I have to register for a specific subject this semester. I applied for excess registration because the class already had the maximum number of students, however it was not approved.”
As time changes, some journalists have consistently argued that the university press is in danger. However, CBT has published newspapers in this situation and is ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary on Dec. 20, 2023. Behind CBT’s 50 years of service as a university press lies the hidden efforts of those involved.
After the recent 56th Student Council election on the 23rd of this month, ⸢Gaehwa⸥was elected to represent the CBNU student body. CBT reporters met with the new Student Council President Ahn Chae-hwan(Dept. of Management Information Systems, 19) and Vice President Lee Seung-ryeol(Dept. of Archaeology and Art History, 18).
Following the 1,000 won (won means KRW) breakfast that has been on offer since May 2, a 2,000 won dinner has been available since Oct. 23. Students may take advantage of this offer from Monday to Friday 5 to 7 p.m. at the Hanbit Restaurant in the student center. This offer will only be valid until Dec. 21 of this year, however, and only the first 300 students can enjoy it daily.
On Dec. 20, 2023, The Chungbuk Times (CBT), the English newspaper of CBNU, will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding. Starting with the 50th anniversary, CBT, which is growing for realizing the truth, justice, and pioneering spirit of Gaesin, intends to reflect on past activities and make new changes. Therefore, a CBT reporter gathered the opinions of the 2019 editor-in-cheif as well as some of the readers of the newspaper.
In the previous edition, published on Sept. 4, CBT dealt with the integration discussion between CBNU and KNUT (Korea National University of Transportation). This article is a follow-up article and covers the integration discussions and CBNU’s situation that took place later.
This 2023 Gaesin Daedong Festival was held from Sep. 25 to the 26. The name of the festival was BPM, which stands for “Become a Piece of Memory” and the concept of the festival was heart rate. There were many booths and contents representing the university, various companies, student organizations and so on. The university booth included the Office of International Affairs, information for multi major students, and academic consultation.
As the competitiveness of local universities weakens due to the decrease in the school age population and the concentration of population in the metropolitan areas, the need for university innovation is emerging. Accordingly, the government plans to select 30 universities in non-metropolitan areas with the will and capabilities of innovation through the Glocal University 30 project and provide KRW 100 billion to each university over a period of five years to grow them into world-class universities. CBNU applied for this project as a team on the premise of integrating with KNUT (Korea National University of Transportation), and was selected as one of the 15 universities that received the first preliminary designation on June 20.
Glocal University 30 is a project promoted by the government with the aim of making universities competitive by breaking down walls inside and outside universities and promoting innovation based on partnerships with local communities to overcome the crisis. It will designate 30 universities which are located outside of the capital area that will build new growth models through innovation by 2027 and provide a budget of 100 billion KRW per school for five years.
BNU president Koh Chang-seop started his four years term last April 17. As the 22nd president of CBNU he defined his visions as, “A university where a better future begins.” CBT repoters met with CBNU president Koh Chang-seop to hear more about his plans for the future university management, as well as his pledges and vision.
Autonomous driving(self-driving) refers to a system in which transportation operates on its own according to artificial intelligence or communication with an external servers without human manipulation. Smart cars have recently gotten attention as a new growth industry domestically and abroad to the extent that many forums on autonomous driving have been held. New technologies of automobiles are being led by ICT technologies such as electronics, software, and artificial intelligence, not mechanical technologies.
Pseudo refers to something that is not genuine, and pseudo religion refers to a religion that is not genuine. It is a term often used to refer to heretical religions. With the recent release of the documentary series In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal on Netflix, people were able to recognize the existence of heretical religions once again. From the organization called “New Heaven and Earth,” which was especially controversial during the COVID-19 period, to JMS featured in the documentary, pseudo religions are dangerous because they do not give comfort and peace to people, but instead harm society and individuals.
There is a difficult time that is unavoidable for college students. It is the exam period. During the mid-term exams, a CBT reporter became curious about what students in other departments were thinking. Therefore, the CBT reporter met 8 students from different departments to share some thought around the topic.
A student at CBNU may have received text messages or seen print flyers at least once from the student Life Counseling Center. In 2022, the Counseling Center conducted various programs such as Visiting Psychological Tests, Connecting with Other People based on MBTI, and Designing My Career Path. As such, the Counseling Center conducts programs, psychological tests, and individual counseling to help students understand themselves and their relationships with others, and explore current problems to design their future.
There are various opinions on the effectiveness of the ‘Academic advising program’ at CBNU. While it was started with the good intention of supporting students from admission to employment, many complaints have risen about its effectiveness. As a result, this CBT reporter probed into whether the program operates according to its intended purpose.
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