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최종편집 : 2024.03.11 월 17:12
People Section
The book series Feisty Jae-seok which many people would have read when they were in school, is a story of the growth of the main character, Jae-seok. It contains examples of problems that are usually experienced by the youth, such as games, money, and grades. The story of a disabled student and a friend who carries his bag, The Boy Who Carried the Backpack, has sold more than 1 million copies and is considered a book that parents should read too. The author of these books, Ko Jung-wook, has written hundreds of children’s stories and youth books. He is also giving numerous lectures on the theme of “For the World We Live Together.” What is the message that he wants to tell the world?
When thinking about an English newspaper or international press, what can people usually think ofcc? They may think various presses from CBT which is the one currently reading, The Korea Herald from domestic, Associated Press (AP) and The New York Times (NYT) from U.S. to Reuters and BBC in U.K. These big media often have foreign branches to cover international news. By this chance, CBT reporter had interview with Choe Sang-hun Seoul bureau chief of NYT. The reporter could hear about the thoughts of what he thinks about the job, journalist and specialty and characteristics of digital and English newspaper.
ToyTalez, is a doll hospital located in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Just as people go to hospital when they are sick, dolls visit this hospital when they have defects. CBT reporters interviewed Kim Kap-yeon, CEO of ToyTalez, who mends broken dolls and gives hope to people who think of them as family members. This article covers the foundation and future direction of ToyTalez. It also gives information for readers who are interested in a doll doctor, and touching stories of visitors.
This summer, there was an accident that an escaped lioness from a private farm in Goryeong-gun had been shot dead. It will come as no surprise that the public showed a very negative perspective upon the shooting of a lioness and questioned the practice of breeding animals in captivity and the related welfare ethics. Therefore, CBT visited the Cheongju Zoo, located in Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, and met animal welfare officer, Gwon Hyuk-bum to talk about the animal welfare officer’s job, the relationship between the officer and the animals and garnered some advice for students who may be seriously concerned about the welfare of animals in captivity.
While some readers may have heard of the job, “Stenographer,” it is probably one of those jobs that people do not exactly know what they do. The CBT reporters interviewed stenographer Son Hyo-jin to find out what it is that they do, why they cannot be completely replaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence), and also the differences between regular keyboards and stenographic keyboards.
People are tired of colorful and complex cities, overly-sensational content, and repetitive daily life. However, they often live with stress because they do not have the time and means to relieve it. In platforms overflowing with sensational content, there is one illustrator who draws warm drawings for people who are tired. Illustrations that touch each person’s heart give them greater strength than they think. People can feel happy and be consoled by just looking at the illustrations. A CBT reporter interviewed the illustrator Pyeonhi, who gives a resting place to readers by drawing with her own soft painting style and expressiveness.
“80% of Earth’s living creatures live in the ocean. We only know 1% of them.” This phrase can be seen on the website of the National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea, a global marine bio research institute that studies marine life resources in Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do. The National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea, which studies the remaining 99% of creatures people do not know about, is conducting various studies on the ocean, such as conducting biodiversity research or operating a marine bio bank for the growth of the marine bio industry.
The importance of food crops has come into sharp focus due to the recent climate crisis, and the war between Ukraine and Russia. Therefore, why have food crops become so important? CBT reporters will learn about corn which is one of the three major food crops. Corn or maize, the third of the world’s top three food crops, was the most cultivated and produced crop, making it the No. 1 crop. In addition, corn is considered an important crop because it is large in the US market. About 1.5 billion tons of roasted corn and green corn are produced annually, of which a quarter is used for food, a quarter for livestock feed, a quarter for industrial use, and a quarter for bioenergy production.
As the problem of waste has become serious due to the increase in the use of disposable products after COVID-19, strategies to reuse discarded products or materials are receiving great attention. Recycling is familiar through activities such as separate collection. Beyond recycling, there is something that has gained worldwide attention very quickly in the last few years.
The recent drama series ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo,’ where the main character has autism, enjoyed high popularity among viewers. In the drama, an autistic lawyer named Woo Young-woo, continues to win cases using her prodigious intellect and extraordinary ideas. However, this is an extremely exceptional case. Woo Young-woo has Servant syndrome, a type of autism, which is a very rare case of developmental disability. On the other hand, in reality, most developmentally disabled people are struggling with social prejudice and the disadvantages of economic and social activities. In order to help the developmentally disabled, the Chungbuk National Center For Disabled Children and Developmental Disabilities is striving to protect their rights and enhance the quality of their lives.
Most people think ‘School Violence’ only happens among teenagers, but the sad truth is that school violence also occurs among university students. Adult perpetrators are prosecuted for the crime of ‘Assault’ and ‘Posing a Threat.’ However, if teenagers had committed the same offence, they would have been lightly disciplined by ‘School Violence Committee’ instead of being reported to the police. Assault also regularly occurs among adults, because we have not been able to change the wrong habits of adolescents.
Now that the Internet is developing more due to COVID-19, “Social media marketing” in which consumers voluntarily promote companies or products via social media, is drawing a lot of attention. Nowadays, as the number of social media users increases, the general public can also easily market their brands or sponsored products on social media. There are also a number of “social media marketing experts” who specialize in these tasks. The dictionary defines social media marketing as a marketing method and strategy to attract consumers’ attention through social media, but it also conveys the value of a brand and forms fandom through a relationship with customers.
Chungbuk National University students are future members of society. Students will inevitably go out into society and build a variety of important relationships. To be socially successful, the most important ability required is ‘Empathy’, ‘Why is ‘Empathy’ important and why should people practice it?’ This is an important question people need to seriously ponder. The question was posed to Lim Hong-jae, a former Korean diplomat, in a recent interview.
Currently, the Earth’s Environmental Doomsday Clock is 9:42 P.M. The Environmental Crisis Clock is stipulated to collect and announce the opinions of environmental experts every year. The purpose of this Clock is said to be that people are wary of the destruction of the global environment and visually express the sense of danger to human survival. As people can understand from the Environmental Doomsday Clock, the Earth’s environment is in serious crisis. This year, in western Canada, the temperature rose to 49.6 degrees in summer, killing more than 700 people in the ensuing heatwave, and in the United States an area nearly seven times the size of Seoul burned down.
According to a survey conducted by the Korea Federation of Culture and Arts last year, 88.7 percent of artists declined in earning year-on-year in the same period after COVID-19. 2,500 performances and events were canceled and postponed between January and April last year and the amount of damage was about 60 billion won. Under these circumstances, the Ministry of Culture and Sports secured funds of about 156.9 billion won in order to normalize the art world, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government provided 3 billion won in support for the culture and arts community this year.
Recent data from the Korea Capital Market Institute shows that 28% of new investors accounted for the 20s and 26 percent for 30s last year. Also, it shows an increase in the size of credit loans for those in the 20s and 30s for the cryptocurrency investment frenzy. According to the ‘Credit loan status by age’ data by commercial banks, credit loans for the 20s have increased by 42.4% in December of the same year and by 28% for the 30s during the same period compared to January. In addition, ‘Every time’, a community of students for CBNU, has opened a board to share opinions about cryptocurrency, the 2030 generations in Korea and CBNU students are interested in investment.
According to the Korea Statistics, online shopping transactions by detailed product groups increased for year-on-year foodservice by (64.6%), food and food products by (29.1%), and home appliances and electronic and communication devices by (23.4%) during February 2021. The demand for online food clearly increased dramatically after COVID-19. As such, food photos of products sold online have become a bigger factor in sales than ever before. The work of food stylists who place food and utensils, create food spaces, and take pictures of such meals for dinner or advertisements has become important.
What is a major factor that all humans share in common in their daily lives and can be found in farming, fermented food, the human body and the environment? The answer is microorganisms. Microorganisms are closely connected with and intertwined into our daily lives. Also, if microorganisms did not exist on earth, humans would not have been able to survive. Therefore, CBT reporters had an interview with Park Soo-je, a professor of Biology at Jeju National University who majored in microbiology at CBNU. In November last year, a joint research team led by professor Park Soo-je discovered a marine environmental toxicity removal substance.
Applying for a job, an exchange student program or even small volunteer work requires a certain level of English. As a case in point, you can easily find students diligently studying English in our CBNU Library at any time of day. KRIVET (Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training) has surveyed 1,000 junior & senior students at college, showing 8.89 hours weekly study time on average. Plus, the students spent an average of 3.94 hours studying English.
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