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Culture Section
When people say that they are going to celebrate someone’s birthday, it is usual to go to an invited birthday party or send a celebration message and present. However, there is a kind of party where the birthday person does not receive any of these celebration messages nor attend the party at all. It is called “birthday cafe” that fans of celebrities plan and host.
Traditional markets refer to “places that are created naturally or by social or economic need, and where the transaction of goods or services is mainly carried out in the traditional way based on mutual trust.” It is distributed nationwide from regular markets held by people, such as the 3-day and 5-day markets, to permanent markets with a unionized structure of small merchants. People visit traditional markets not only to buy what they need, but also for the affection of merchants, the bustling atmosphere, and the food they eat on the street.
Omakase translates to “entrust” which means a Japanese multi-course meal that the chef of the day selects and serves for guests. It is served in order, from appetizers to desserts. Sushi is the main dish, however, Omakase also includes a variety of dishes such as udon, soup, and grilled fish. It usually runs with a small number of guests by appointment only.
It is no exaggeration to say that Korea is currently obsessed with fitness. Searching for #OhWoonWan (finished today’s workout) on Instagram, about 7 million posts related to it can be found. Also, young people are using various fitness-related slang terms like “Helchang” (a person who only focuses on and spends most of their time building muscles at a fitness club), “Helini” (novice at working out), and “Geunsonsil” (muscle loss). The recent fitness craze has led to a “Body Profile” trend where people get professional photos taken to show off their improved body shape.
According to Doopedia, spicy refers to a taste that is stimulating enough to cause pain. It is generally accepted that a certain degree of spiciness helps relieve stress and promotes appetite to activate digestion. Therefore, many dishes use hot spices like chili pepper or Chinese pepper combined with garlic, onion, and horseradish. The boom in demand for spicy cuisine, which began with grilled chicken feet, jjamppong, and tteokbokki, has recently become more intense with a demand for a wider variety of even spicier foods. Mala, a spicy and numbing seasoning made from Sichuan peppercorn and chilly has recently appeared on the radar of social media users.
Wallpapers with vivid colors and unique textures, floors with wooden patterns, lights of various shapes, and furniture that reflects each person’s preference. Humans have been designing a lot of factors in their own space. However, one of the things that humans did not focus on in terms of design is home appliances. Some examples would be the typical white refrigerator with a freezer on top and a fridge at the bottom, a black gas stove with two burners, and a thick black television.
Vegan, which used to be a food staple, has now become a presence that can be seen in various fields. In the midst of a vegan craze, people can now easily find it in real life, with vegan-certified cosmetics and fashion among the examples. In fact, this vegan craze has not come out of nowhere recently. The awakening that the natural destruction of mankind and the resulting climate crisis caused the COVID-19 pandemic began with this change. As a result, as value consumption began to spread from 2020, veganism became a culture and a trend.
Blackpink’s Pink Venom, Stray Kids’ Thunderous, Leenalchi’s Tiger is coming, and Agust D’s Daechwita, what do these share in common? It is the use of traditional Korean musical instruments in their songs. Pink Venom has a low rhythm unique to the Geomungo Zither, Thunderous uses Samulnori instrumental music played with Gongs, Jing, Janggu, and Buk drums, and Pansori, which is said to have a calming effect, a vocal sound (Chang), Aniri (words), and Neoreumsae (gestures) to the beat of a drum.
The FIFA World Cup, one of the biggest sports events on the planet, kicked off with Ecuador’s 2-0 win over the host Qatar in the opening match. The FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular and valuable events not only in football but also in the whole sports sector. The total number of viewers for the last FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018 reached 3.6 billion, which is nearly close to the Summer Olympic Games and Tour de France and overwhelmed the Winter Olympic Games, 2.1billion and UFC, 1.1 billion. Furthermore, FIFA President Gianni Infantino said the total viewers of Qatar World Cup is expected to reach almost 5 billion.
In the 21st century, the human race created, a genetically engineered artificial human called ‘Replicant.’ Replicants are similar to humans in their intellectual and physical abilities, but they are used as human substitutes in difficult or dangerous situations such as combat soldiers, space development, or sex dolls. Replicants who can only live for four years complained about their uses and life expectancy, which led to riots. A special police team called “Blade Runner” was created to find and execute replicants who illegally entered the Earth.
How often do watch webtoons? Currently, it is very popular to reconstruct webtoons into the form of dramas. More than 20 webtoons have been confirmed to be produced as dramas and movies in Korea this year. In particular, Kakao Corporation sold more than 50 copyrights last year, including , , , and . The word webtoon is a combination of web and cartoon. Webtoons are distributed over the Internet in the form of a series. According to the Korea Creative Content Agency, the domestic webtoon market has grown from KRW 150 billion won in 2013 to more than KRW 1 trillion won in 2020.
‘Pet plant’ is the newly-coined word, made by the combination of the two words ‘pet’ which means companion animal and ‘plant’ which means vegetation. On the other hand, ‘pet plant’ refers to a plant that is kept like a pet. The main reason is that people get emotional support and comfort when they grow plants. When people take care of companion animals, they have a big sense of responsibility and do many thing for them.
Have readers ever heard of Cyworld? Cyworld, which started its service in 1999, was a social media where people could freely express themselves and have social interaction with different kinds of people. The cumulative number of users reached 32 millions, and more than 70% of Internet users at that time enjoyed great popularity in the 2000s. However, as some functions of Cyworld have been suspended since 2015, the web service has been temporarily suspended since October, 2019 due to a failure to access the website.
Recently, an influencer who appeared in a popular show, presented on one of the OTT services, got into an issue about consuming illegal fashion replicas. Her bracelet and bags seemed similar to widespread imitations of genuine products, and some of them turned out to be imitations through authenticity tests. The case quickly became a hot potato because she was a famous YouTube influencer with a huge number of followers, and she had an abundance of luxury hauls. In addition, she represented herself as a silver spoon living in a deluxe apartment often splurging on shopping luxuries.
The television series Squid Game, which has recently gained worldwide popularity, is a program produced directly for the well-known video media, Netflix. According to the changes of the times, OTT services have received attention as the new go-to video medium. OTT is an abbreviation of ‘over-the-top,’ in other words, a service that allows people to watch videos anywhere via the Internet. Initially, the service was provided as a cable or satellite broadcasting service through a set-top box, but since the development of the Internet, OTT services can be enjoyed with various devices such as a PC and a smartphone negating the need for a set-top box.
Taking a trip is one of the things which comes to mind when people feel tired and exhausted. This is because it can give them a boost again by escaping from their repetitive routines. However, the protracted COVID-19 situation has made overseas travel’ an out-of-date idea, while the demand for domestic travel skyrocketed. People who used to travel abroad are now fervently turning their eyes to domestic destinations. In addition, the overall trend of travel has been changing. According to data from the travel company, Yanolja, in August, recent popular keywords in leisure and cultural activities form the acronym ‘SUPER’ which stands for ‘Supreme’, ‘Untact’, ‘Private’, ‘Experience’, ‘Rebound.’
K-Pop is a popular Korean music genre that is currently gaining popularity overseas. People can meet K-Pop around the world, including on the U.S. Billboard chart and are fascinating Japanese Oricon chart. Korean Idols made their debut into an interesting universe and have various concepts and narratives that fascinate people. Idol performances are even highly praised as a kind of art and are receiving a lot of attention. As a result, Korean idols are entering the world via overseas performance tours and TV programs as well as concerts and fan meetings at home.
In 2021, COVID-19 has changed and regulated many of the things that mankind took for granted and freely enjoyed before. Not being able to go abroad, to travel or study, is probably the harshest change that people face in this new reality. In fact, it is quite easy to find people whose plans had been ruined and there are many others eager to go abroad. This situation applies to not only local people but also billions of people all around the world. Maybe because of this, a Korean theme park had been built in Malaya Park, 260km southeast from Jakarta.
A reason AI (Artificial Intelligence) recently became prominent is a famous Go (Baduk) player, Lee Sedol and his AI counterpart, AlphaGo. AI is now pushing back the frontiers of art. Representatively in 2018, the portrait painted by AI Obvious, was sold for 490 million won. This occurrence, that an AI painting was sold at a much higher price than Andy Warhol’s paintings shocked people at the time. Also, in 2019, human artist ‘Doomin’ and robot ‘AI Imagine’ collaborated to create artwork. It is evident that AI is increasingly used as a new genre in the art world.
Many people are spending a lot of time in the house because of COVID-19, so they feel depression in daily life which unexpectedly changed, to the point where the word ‘Corona Blue’ which combines COVID-19 and blue were made. So that people make things hum in life and appease melancholy by giving new changes in the house through self-interior, tips for self-interior which becomes trendy will be introduced. I can get some tips from Choi Jong-myung, a professor of the Dept. of Clothing & Textiles at CBNU, and Park Ji-min, a professor of the Dept. of Residential Environment at CBNU and a head of Heights Design.
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