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Feature Section
College students may have the hope of going abroad at least once. On April 6, 2024, CBT reporter conducted a social media pole on about 50 college students in their 20s, and about 84% indicated that they were interested in overseas service. Overseas volunteering means going to another country and working for thier various forms of needs such as cultural exchange, education, and house repair, etc. It is considered a unique external activity in that it not only improves self-development and service skills while fostering a global mindset, but also enhances friendship and mutual understanding among countries.
CBNU has active relationships with 289 cooperative institutions around the world, and 1,406 foreign students on campus. In response, CBT looked at the International Student Support Center(ISSC) at the Office of International Affairs of CBNU, which operates various support programs for the stable settlement of foreign students, and gathered the opinions of foreign students who have participated in various programs.
South Korea is so heavily centralized in the Seoul capital area that it is often referred to as the “Republic of Seoul.” As of 2023, although the Seoul capital area only accounts for 11.8% of the total national land area, it is home to 51% of the entire population. Moreover, 72% of the population within the Seoul capital area is concentrated in areas that make up only 17% of its total area, highlighting the severity of overpopulation in the region.
A terrible accident, aired on JTBC’s Han Moon-chul’s Dashcam Review in Jan., brought all the past related accidents to the surface. Dashcam video shows a car vertically crossing the road as if it was flying. The accident occurred in Gangneung on Dec. 6 last year. The car, driven by a woman in her 60s, collided with a stationary car in front of her emitting roaring sounds and smoke.
The Korean expression “Mudjima” means “do not ask why” and Mudjima crimes are frequently reported in the news. In fact, in Korean society, Mudjima crimes have been a common occurrence for a long time. Mudjima crimes are crimes which are committed against random citizens who do not know their attackers. In 2022, the police officially defined Mudjima crimes as Abnormal Motive Crimes. Let’s take a look at three cases that happened recently. The first occurred at Sillim Station, where a man in his 30s killed four people in a knife rampage. Another occurred at Seohyeon Station, where a man in his 20s crashed into a crowd on the sidewalk with his car, where he hit the pedestrians, and then killed 14 people in a knife rampage.
As the interest in diet, food and health increases, there is a phrase that attracts attention. It is Zero Sugar. Zero sugar indicates that a product is sugar-free and unsweetened. Thanks to its popularity, goods ranging from sugar-free snacks such as beverages, snacks, and ice cream to sugar-free alcoholic beverages are being released. Thanks to this, the word “Zero-Sumer” has also emerged, which refers to the MZ generation in their 20s and 30s looking for the Zero label. This seems to be related to the Healthy Pleasure that people pursue.
It is May again. Time has passed and spring has arrived. Usually, spring is when lots of flowers bloom, leaves sprout, and many people enjoy the season going out for flower viewing and a picnic. However, in the Spring of May 1980 more than 30 years ago, it was time for democracy to bloom and sprout. Let’s take a closer look at the May 18 Democratic Uprising, and discover its historical significance in one keyword, liberal democracy.
As carbon neutrality, which considers the environment, has recently emerged due to the climate crisis, consumers’ interest in “ESG management” is increasing. According to the National Institute of Korean Language, ESG management refers to “a management philosophy that considers environmental protection and social contribution through environmental, social, and transparent management, abides by laws and ethics, and improves governance.” In accordance with this social trend, there are increasing cases of ‘greenwashing’ that promotes an eco-friendly corporate image, but the actual reality is not the same at all.
Most people may have felt like someone was following them going home late at night. ‘Stalking’ means continuously and repeatedly performing acts that can cause a victim to experience fear and anxiety in various ways. This can also be extended to the victim’s family, or a cohabitant. The Stalking Punishment Act defines five acts of stalking.
People are using various electronic devices and the Internet to the point where the saying applies that, “People cannot live without the Internet.” They sign up for online classes, contact friends on social media, and remotely control home appliances on their smartphones. In addition, various tasks and services are all processed through the computer network. It is convenient because everything is connected through the Internet. However, if even a small problem occurs in the cyber universe, society will be paralyzed and people will be petrified.
Have ever heard about the Red List? Established in 1964, the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species has evolved to become the world’s most comprehensive information source on the global extinction risk status of animals, fungus, and plant species. According to IUCN, the Red List is a critical indicator of the health of the world’s biodiversity. In fact, it is far more than a list of species and their status, but rather a powerful tool to inform and catalyze action for biodiversity conservation and policy change, critical to protecting the natural resources that human beings need to survive.
This is how specialists describe the humidifier disinfectant incident. With 8,940,000 exposed it is estimated to have caused 20,366 deaths, and 950,000 cases of health issues. (This according to a research report from the social disasters commission.) The humidifier disinfectant (germicide) was the cause of death of the victims who were mainly infants, children, pregnant women and elderly. It was found that using the humidifier disinfectant leads to acute lung injuries including damage to the airways, dyspnoea, coughing, acute lung damage, etc.
During an interview conducted by the Sisa Journal in November 2018 Son Hak-bin, a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses Church, was asked why he did not comply with the national obligation of military duty. He replied, “In Acts of the Apostles 5:29, it is said, It is more suitable to obey God than humans. When the teachings of the Bible contradict the rules of the state we should be obedient to God, even if it implies civil disobedience.”
The UDHR, which was adopted by the United Nations in December 1948, is the result of the international community’s concerted effort to respond to ‘barbarous acts which … outraged the conscience of mankind’ during World War Ⅱ. Representatives from various countries such as the United States, Lebanon, and China gathered to form the Basic Committee, and since then, representatives from Australia, Chile, France, the USSR, and the United Kingdom have been included, allowing countries from all regions to participate in the preparation of the UDHR.
Recently, a withering group of coniferous forests was found in Korea. Kim Jin-won, who is a researcher and in charge of monitoring the climate change ecosystem of the Korea National Park Service, said that the group withering has begun since 2014~2015. Statistics on group withering obtained through monitoring show that the phenomenon of group withering in Jirisan Mountain increased by 3.7 times in 2018 compared to 2008, and by 5.8 times in 2016 compared to 2008 in Seoraksan Mountain.
‘The Chungbuk Times,’ which was first published by the Department of English Education on December 20th, 1970, is fast approaching its 200th publication in November 2021. To celebrate, let’s check out the footsteps which ‘The Chungbuk Times’ has walked and interview some who have helped the newspaper to be published. Plus, let’s find out the future direction of The Chungbuk Times.
COVID-19 changed our food consumption system a lot. People now have difficulty in eating out because of COVID-19. For this reason, many people lately get their meals using delivery applications. According to National Statistical Office data, the delivery food service’s turnover in 2020 was 17.3828 trillion won, up 78.6% percent from 9.7328 trillion won in 2019. Meanwhile, there is a new catchword on the topic among consumers with delivery food. Which is “Meal-Kit”. Meal-Kit is a combination of “meal” and “kit.” It’s a composition of prepared ingredients for cooking, just the right amount of seasoning and a recipe.
Crime refers to an action committed in violation of the law. Crimes under criminal law may be divided into three categories. It is the transgressions of national interest, the transgressions of social interest, and the transgressions of personal interest. The transgressions of national interest includes civil war, obstruction of official duties, and the transgressions of social interest includes crimes involving explosives and arson. Finally, the transgressions of personal interest include crimes such as murder, injury, assault, and rape. Since ancient times, people have lived together and conflicts have arisen, so various crimes have occurred in that process.
Recently, a SBS drama “Joseon – Gumasa” was banned after just two episodes due to a controversy over the distortion of history. The background of the drama is the ‘Tae-jong’ era of the Joseon dynasty. It was criticized that it could be used as the basis for supporting China’s northeastern process due to various historical distortions portrayed in the drama, such as the appearance of Chinese food at old Korean restaurants. Moreover, China’s culture process has recently intensified in Korea, and the drama, which is the leading actor of the Korean Wave culture, was criticized for yielding to ‘China Money.’
Recently, a troubling series of violence and crimes against children have occurred, raising serious concern. Last year, a child abuse incident in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, became a hot topic. The case, also known as the “Jeong-in Incident,” led to the death of an eight-month-old girl who was adopted when she was 16 months old. There have been several reports of child abuse against the family of the victim, but in all cases the parents were cleared of charges. A series of prosecution investigations revealed these facts, sparking a flurry of protests against the police, who cleared the victim’s adoptive parents despite the obvious evidence of abuse on the victim’s body.
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