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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
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Isn’t there a place people dream of going? Such a wish is no longer a dream with the development of transportation. If there are places where you want to go, such as seas, famous cities, etc., you can simply get to there by transportation. However, there are some people who cannot easily go to the shops in front of their homes. The stairs can be a huge barrier for those who use wheelchairs. Moreover,
A government plays various roles including protecting its citizens from other countries and making laws for citizens. Recently, the government promulgated laws for maintaining customers’ rights and promoting people’s health. However, some of the laws are being criticized for having a lot of problems. There are questions of whether the government’s indiscriminate legal regulations have efficacy or not.
In 2014, the captain of the Sewol ferry and some crew members just left the ship in a hurry without coping with the situation. Otherwise, they could have minimized the damage. Eventually, their crime resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent people. Recently, many problems related to a lack of work ethic have been reported. One of them was that some workers did not properly bury hundreds of dead chickens and just left the site to eat lunch, which helped spread Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza(HPAI).
From July 7th, 2013, according to the new article 4 of Korean civil law, every person becomes an adult at the age of 19. An adult indicates a person who can stand on his or her own feet and make his or her own decisions on the basis of the law. The new article was made to encourage adolescents to take part in social activities at an earlier age.
When you think about a leader, what pops up in your mind? Most people might think that a leader is smart, competent, and versatile. However, a person can never be perfect. What we know is just the tip of the iceberg. - Ed.
Recently, the number of blood donors has been decreasing. With the development of the Internet, information about blood donation can spread quickly. However, negative aspects and misinformation about it have also spread, and those are two of the reasons why the number of blood donations is declining. Therefore, if we aren’t interested in blood donation, we can’t get accurate knowledge about it.
Every medium reflects the times. Among them, advertisements are one of the most typical forms of media that attract people’s attention in a short time. Let’s find out what advertising is and understand the past and present times via ads-Ed. Advertising is a means of conveying information about the products of companies; it is also used to propagate ideologies or policies
Every nation has intellectual and artistic freedom. All rights for copyrighters, inventors, scientific technicians and artists are protected by the copyright law. This is one of the clauses in chapter 2, article 22 of our constitution. Jobkorea, a job portal site, conducted a survey on Constitution Day to check how well people have kept the laws. According to the survey, one of the laws that workers have violated the most was the copyright law, which is ranked second.
Mr. A was greatly astonished during the job interview. The sly interviewer had croaked, “You posted something really funny, sonny” and showed him his immature post from high school. Miss. B was really disappointed at her blind date. The guy had strangely known her exact tastes, but it was because he had researched her on the web. “I want everybody here to be careful about what you post on Facebook, because in the YouTube age, whatever you do, it will be pulled up again later somewhere in your life.” This is President Obama’s advice on that matter. To us, living in the social media era, there is nothing we can hide, so it is best to not post anything you might regret. However, trying to delete one’s information on the internet is slowly being elevated to a right. This is the right to be forgotten
Last February 21, Facebook’s founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared in the Samsung Electronics’ event hall in the Mobile World Congress, a worldwide mobile industrial exhibition, and gave a keynote speech. On that day, Samsung unveiled the next generation smartphone, ‘Galaxy 7’, and a 360-degree camera, ‘Gear 360’. The Gear 360 is a camera loaded with front and rear lenses, so it can record spherical videos that can display virtual reality.
‘Room Escape’ fever has been sweeping across the country. Room Escape is an online game that we can easily find on the internet. It is a game where players have to use various kinds of things and get hints in the room in order to get out of the room. This game has even appeared offline recently.
An entertainment program is one type of TV program that includes sitcoms, news and pop music programs. Even though many accidents occur and a lot of social issues come out, the ratings of entertainment show programs don’t seem to decline. We always bring up the story of the program we’ve watched when we meet our friends. Not only can we relieve our daily stress but we also can get some useful information by watching those programs.
A syndrome is a pattern of symptoms of some disease. These syndromes have existed for a long time. However, these syndromes also have changed continuously because of the changing thoughts of people. This CBT reporter would like to introduce what the modern syndromes are.
You already could be addicted to something. Can you imagine your life without your smartphone? Besides a smartphone, there are various things that can be addictive; games, shopping, etc. However, there are special cases of addiction that could create a new culture in the world. This CBT reporter would like to talk about the special addictions.
Five years have passed since smartphones were introduced. Smartphones have changed the lives of people. The omni-channel has become a general trend in the methods of distribution because of the rapid growth of the mobile market and the popularization of smartphones.
In the movie Interstellar(2014), Joseph gave a file to Romilly, who was filled with anxiety. The music, which had sounds of weed insects and water from the Earth, was aimed to create emotional stability, like ASMR does. After the first ASMR appeared on YouTube in 2008, ASMR became popular in America and Australia.
People may imagine about being born in another country. Korea is ranked top among OECD countries in the rate of people abandoning their nationality. What’s the reason? Then, what disadvantages will Korea get from it? If you are curious about them, focus on this article
There were many child abuse cases that happened recently. Everyone was shocked about the news and all the parents of children worried a lot about the day care center which their
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