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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
Feature Section
Extreme and unusual weather events are occurring all over the world including floods in East Asia and heat waves in Europe. Earth is getting hotter because of global warming, so unusual weather events are occurring all over the world. Last month Korea suffered from the flood disasters. Noticeably, this year’s rainy season recorded the longest duration and the latest end date. The 2020 rainy season lasted for 54 days from June 24 to the end of August.
“Animals are not for lab experiments” The slogan was chanted down at the Gwanghwamun Gate, Seoul, on April 24th. Two civil society organizations for animal rights, Vegan People and Korea Association for Animal Protection, were gathered to hold a press conference to urge companies to stop unethical and unscientific animal experiments. Observed every year on April 24th, the World Day for Laboratory Animals marked its 41st anniversary this year. Anti-animal experiment rallies and commemorations were held worldwide this week for animals that perish under clinical trials.
Nowadays, some people insist on rejecting their designated biological gender instead opting for their mental gender. Although it has become a society that respects individual choices, transgenders seem to be still living in a transitional period. This CBT reporter had an interview with Park Jeong-mi, a Sociology professor at CBNU, about transgenders in modern society. -Ed.
In May, WHO (World Health Organization) decided to give gaming disorders registered disease code, and the Korean government decided to do the same. The pros and cons of adopting a gaming disorder disease code were discussed by the Korean government. WHO recommended a new disease code policy for 2022, but the actual implementation in Korea will be 2026. The names for gaming disorders differ. In the medical field, gaming disorders are called game-use disorders, and in the gaming industry, they are known as game indulgences.
There has always been a clear distinction between information providers and consumers in a traditional mass media situation. Now, an information-oriented society has begun, and the general public can perform as information providers through SNS platforms like Youtube and Facebook. However, as there are many situations where the general public has spread incorrect information, fake news has become a social problem nowadays. It’s an era when not only individuals and groups can be affected but also an entire society can be felled by a single piece of fake news.
The Japanese government has implemented export regulations on South Korean items essential for the production of semiconductors and displays since July 4th, 2019. Then, it excluded Korea from Japan’s whitelist on Aug. 2nd. As a result, Korea’s semiconductor and display industries have been hit hard. The export restrictions have also caused severe conflicts between Korea and Japan. Why did Japan enforce export restrictions on Korea? The CBT analyzed it in more detail from diplomatic, political, and economic perspectives.
There was a hit drama, SKY Castle, which was broadcasted early this year. In this drama, the character Cha Seri was introduced as a Harvard University student. All of the neighbors envied her, but in the latter half of the show, it turned out that she lied about her educational background. Cha Seri had pretended to everyone that she was a Harvard student, and the truth shocked everyone. Many people thought this was similar to a real event that occurred later.
March 1st, 1919, was the day when 33 Korean leaders wrote the Declaration of Independence and resisted against Japanese imperialist colonization. It is called Independence Movement Day. Last March 1st, 2019, marked the 100th anniversary of Independence Movement Day, and last April 11th, 2019, marked the 100th anniversary of the establishment of a provisional government. Marking the 100th anniversary of Independence Movement Day, there is one crucial thing that has attracted the public’s attention.
It is hard to see a clear sky nowadays in Korea, so people say, “lf you want to see a clear sky, you have to go abroad.” Fine dust suspended in the air causes respiratory problems, and some fine dust comes from China consistently. Therefore, this is no longer just an environmental problem but a social problem that threatens people’s right to live. What policies did the government take to reduce fine dust? First of all, actions to reduce fine dust, such as an alternating-day-of-no-driving system and a prohibition on old vehicles, were implemented, but the fine dust has shown no signs of decreasing despite the government’s actions.
There is a YouTuber, a grandmother named Park Mak-rye, who is loved by many people for her various challenges, regardless of age. Recently, a video of Mrs. Park Mak-rye received much attention. This was a video clip that showed the grandmother having trouble choosing the menu she wanted when placing an order with an unmanned kiosk at a fast food restaurant. Some people welcome the convenience of unmanned systems and digitalization, but others cannot laugh at the change.
On October 17th, 2018, a petition for stricter penalties for the Internet café murder in Gangseo-gu, Seoul was put up on the Blue House National Petition Board. As of the end of November, more than 1.1 million citizens signed the petition. The reason for this reaction is that the suspect claimed to be a person with mental instability at the time of the crime. Currently, the term mental instability is a hot potato. Therefore, the CBT would like to analyze its effects on the penalties for suspects.
If you watch the famous Japanese animation Doraemon, you can see that Doraemon, the main character from the future, receives his parcels from a drone . Getting what you need from flying objects is no longer limited to animation. Amazon succeeded in delivering a parcel via a drone. If you walk around CBNU, you will find it easy to see a machine receiving customers’ orders. Due to the developments of unmanned systems, many changes have occurred in society. Let’s look at these changes.
Only one day a year, it is not strange if people walk down a street wearing a monster costume. It’s October 31, Halloween. Halloween, which derived from Celtic culture, is a familiar event in Western civilization, yet it isn’t a common event in Korea. However, Halloween has been popularized steadily in Korea as it is used for marketing or in SNS at the end of October every year. For young people, Halloween is no longer unfamiliar or strange.
Koreans thought refugee problems were only other countries’ problems. The refugee problem was the hot potato that the rest of the global village agonized over. Koreans didn’t feel it was a severe problem before, but more than 500 refugees from Yemen have come to Jejudo. Koreans are divided about how to handle the refugee problem. -Ed.
As more and more people enjoy cultural life, the demand for movies has increased. Movies have become so powerful that went beyond a part of cultural life. Most people love movies. There are different genres that people prefer, and there are various movies that are shown. CBT will critique a number of movies that cover social issues and pose questions to audiences. People can get absorbed in watching scenes in outstanding movies. Let’s find out how such films affect society. -Ed.
The Me Too Movement started in Oct., 2017 in the United States with the use of a hash tag(# MeToo) in SNS(Social Network Services) to condemn sexual harassment and sexual violence. Since then, many people, including prominent celebrities, have supported the Me Too Movement and revealed their experiences. The Me Too Movement has spread around the world. In Korea, it started when incumbent prosecutor Seo Ji-hyun accused the Minister of Justice Ahn Tae-keun.
Everyone has heard of Dotori of Cyworld or Cash of Naver. Bitcoin is not actual money but a type of money that can be used to buy items or pay for services. In other words, Bitcoin is a virtual currency and it is the name for the method by which this electronic payment works. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, and it is a currency that is created by using a digital password to carry out deals. In order to create this cryptocurrency, it is mined when you decode 16-digit passwords among 64 different kinds through hash functions, and each successful decoding creates one bitcoin.
Last November 9th, President Moon Jae-in visited an event celebrating Firefighters’Day and praised firefighters for their hard work. He also promised improvement of their treatment. Most people usually think that the main tasks of firefighters are extinguishing fires and rescue missions. The CBT reporters visited Cheong-ju West Fire Station and interviewed Lee Dong-gyu, Safety and Prevention Division,
Young men in Korea who are around 20 years old are labeled as Korean soldiers. With some exceptions, most Korean men have to serve in the army and live as soldiers for at least 18 months. During that period, they devote themselves to country with a belief that they have to defend their own country at any cost, but they are separated from the society that they must protect.
Last September, there was an instance of youth violence where four middle school students assaulted a girl for an hour and a half in Busan. A CCTV video that showed the girl kneeling down bleeding and the perpetrators attacking her raised public indignation. After that, every youth crime, whether it occurred in Gang-neung or other cities, was re-examined, and the government made measures to tackle the problem. However, those were not exact solutions, and the problem has been continuing.
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