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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
Feature Section
Nowadays, people can easily see public service announcemnet on the theme of multi-cultural families. This phenomenon shows that multi-cultural families are an important issue in Korea. To make a better society for them, it is necessary for all of us to understand their lives. CBT visited a field day event which was held by the Multi Cultural Family Center to listen to their stories. While there, we met and talked with a staff member of the center and also members of multi-cultural families.
Many countries have accepted immigrants of various races in this globalization era. Recently, Korea is facing the same situation and is going through a period of transition to a multi-racial country. Some developed countries, which already experienced this transition period, have created suitable policies for the integration of immigrants.
It is getting ambiguous to say that Korea is a racially homogeneous nation as family members have been diversified. Currently, people can easily find foreign-born women and their children. According to the Korea National Statistical Office, the population of foreign spouses, which immigrated to Korea for getting married to Koreans, exceeded 130,000 as of the spring of 2010. It is five times more than that of 10 years ago.
The Young Leaders Club(YLC), the nation’s largest economic club, was organized to discuss and study about economic systems with college students. Yoon Ki-woong(Kookmin University,’06) is the vice president of the YLC and has worked as a YLC member for 2 years. He advised that students should work outside the universities.
As multi-cultural families have increased in Korean society, the education of their second generations has become a serious problem. The multi-cultural families whose children go to Korean schools are growing quickly every year. However, most of them quit school because of maladjustment to Korean culture, the language barrier or bullying caused by different appearances.
The first step of basic investing is reducing consumption and saving money. However, you don't have to be a miser. Wise spending is the best way to reduce consumption. Many university students have little experience in investing. A little effort in daily life, however, can be the investment, such as using coupon books to be more frugal.
Announcer Kim Byung-chan had already been interviewed with CBT before (June 2, 2008). He is a graduate of CBNU (graduated in 1988) and is famous for the TV program, 'Love Request.' In this issue, CBT is going to write about his recent new story. -Ed
Stocks are an investment that people can't easily approach unless having knowlege about it. However, with the appearance of paper trading, which resulted from the growth of the Internet, people who have been interested in stocks but have dared not experiment are now able to give it a try.
About two months have passed since the government introduced the open price system. It has been being operated in many countries since long ago. Korea is not the first country to introduce the system. There are some examples of other countries, which we can compare with Korea.
During this broiling summer, when buying an ice cream at a store, haven't you ever tilted your head by discovering something unusual? Prices which were marked on familiar groceries disappeared, as the open price system was implemented widely on July 1. There are some people who simply think of the suggested retail price(SRP) as the selling price. However, it is necessary to know more about each pricing system through comparison.
The Naro Space Center, located in Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do, is the first space center in South Korea, which became the 13th country in the world to operate a space center. The space center was built as an outpost for developing space technology. It will play a role as a testing center to develop rockets and to educate space science.
'KSLV-1(Korea Space Launch Vehicle-1)', or the so-called Naro, has far-reaching influences. KSLV-1, which is scheduled to be launched for the second time, has already been cheered by all Koreans. This launch is expected to increase South Korea's position in space technology. Above all, the prospective economic effects have caught many people's eyes.
The New Tech Fatale's Market
The world is changing rapidly. Tension and change around the Korean Peninsula are especially remarkable. This article deals with the possible dynamics of hypothetical unification of the two Koreas.
These days, it is common to see products such as pizza and services like health clubs that are designed for women. That means that the power of women's influence has increased. Nowadays, IT products that were thought of as men's possessions are becoming common for women. You have seen that women use IT products such as MP3s, digital cameras, as well electronic dictionaries.
IT products have become more and more attractive. The reason for this situation is an appearance of a new consumer class. That is the female consumers group that is called 'Tech Fatale'. Unlike existing consumers who are almost all men, women put emphasis on emotional parts such as brand and design. This tendency influences a lot of the IT field.
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