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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
People Section
Most people describe vegans as a group of people who don’t eat meat. However, the word includes so much more than just diet. They are people who are striving to put veganism into action. Veganism is the theory of refusing any animal exploits which is embedded in modern society. The magazine was created on the basis of the theory to discuss how to make society a better place while seeing the world through the lens of veganism. CBT interviewed Illim (nickname), the illustrator of Visdeum to talk more about the first issue of the magazine and the life of a vegan.
The COVID-19 virus first broke out in December of 2019, and experts are now predicting that the number of infected patients will soar in mid-February. Moreover, masks, hand sanitizer, and medicinal alcohol are chronically out of stock, and if you are fortunate enough to find some the prices are prohibitive in many parts of the country. The question that students and staff alike should ask is how should we deal with the highly infectious COVID-19 when school begins?
The Republic of Korea has a capitalistic economy. Most countries have adopted capitalistic economies, and they have created a lot of developments and wealth. Also, there are certified public accountants (CPA) all around the world, and they are known as the guardians of capitalism. In Korea, people who want to be a CPA should pass the CPA examination, which is conducted by the Korea Financial Supervisory Service. After passing the exam, CPAs conduct tax affairs of companies, audits, and management consulting. CBT reporters met Cho Seong-gun, a graduate of CBNU (’86, Dept. of Business), who is not only a CPA but also a CEO for the accounting firm Sunwoo.
Author Moon Kwang-yeon is the author of Frog, Salamander and Snake Diary. The book was selected by the Ministry of Environment as a book that describes the habitats of amphibians and reptiles in Korea. This book describes with photos and explanations to ensure the classifications of amphibians and reptiles. The book was complimented by the academic community because few people have published books about amphibians in Korea. The book has promoted more interest in amphibians. The author, Moon Kwang-yeon, was born in Gimcheon, where he spent his childhood. Gimcheon is a rural area where people can see the natural environment.
Cultural data is known as the crude oil of the 21st century. The Korea Culture Information Service Agency (KCISA) is a public institution that connects culture, people and information. KCISA collects data and analyses it. KCISA has worked hard to establish a cultural information service and cultural policies that match regional characteristics through big data analysis. CBT reporters met with the head of the Korea Culture Information Service Agency, Lee Hyun-woong.
People enjoy many kinds of works of arts in life. Music, paintings, poems, and novels give people many indirect experiences. Moon Kwang-hoon, who is a professor of the Dept. of German Language and Literature in CBNU, gave a lecture on the subject. The lecture’s title was ‘The Pleasure of Music, Paintings, and Literature’. He gave the speech at an Open Lectures forum on June 29th. He explained about the pleasures of mixed emotions as well as the simpler pleasures. Readers can also watch his lecture on Naver TV.
As the viewers of Youtube have increased in Korea, Youtubers who target them are also increasing. Yoyomi, who is a new Trot singer from Cheongju, is one of them. By interviewing her, CBT investigated how so many Youtubers have become so popular so quickly. -Ed.
CBT met with Heo Seon-jae (14, the Dept, of Business Administration, Daejeon University), a prop artist, who draws original and interesting pictures using props that are easily accessible in everyday life. He is an ordinary college student studying Business Administration during the day, but he works as an artist at night. It is cool that he does his best by following what he likes and by not being afraid of challenging himself with new things.
Problems about the environment have recently received attention. As protecting the earth from damage is crucial, we need to be concerned about environmental protection. Let's talk to Ko Ji-hyoun, an environmentalist of Daejeon-Chungnam Green Korea United, and find out what we can do for the environment.
I am a member of an organization called ‘Butterflies of Hope’, and we’re working to solve the problems that stemmed from the sex slavery in the 1910s. I hold various events every year with the movie club Hwa-dam. Although the project of ‘Butterflies of Hope’ was held in the suburbs until last year, many students in CBNU began to show interest in this event. This was my first film festival. The reason I wanted to discuss social topics through movies was that movies are more accessible than others media. Also, people can understand difficult topics relatively easily.
There is a person who planned a hobby festival to help the youth finding their hobbies. The hobby festival is a program to seek what people like through experiences as silver crafts, taking pictures, wood burning (Writing letters on the wood with a hot metal pen), making slimes, etc. The hobby festival, ‘Hobbydibobbidiboo’ was held in Cheongju Cultural Industry Promotion Foundation on October 13th and CBT met a festival planner, Im Se-eun. Let’s find out what does the hobby festival mean to her.
CBNU has offered students various programs every year during the festival season. In this festival, a Total of the Federation of the Club prepared a haunted house. For this interview, let's meet hidden characters that give students fun and fear at the festival and listen to the stories in the process of preparing the haunted house.
Every day, the financial headlines are filled with grim stories, such as the worst employment shock in 8 years and unemployment remaining over 1 million for 7 months in a row. In these times, there are young people who are seriously worried about their dreams and futures. I interviewed Announcer Kim Ji-yoon, originally from Gyeongnam MBC and currently with Cheongju MBC. We hope that this interview will help calm some of these worries.
The book ‘How Can We Live without Anxieties’, written by Peiyung (one of the most famous specialists of Buddhism), said, “You can live without anxiety and enjoy your work if you know what you really want, know what you can do, and go into what you love”. As the employment crisis and youth unemployment continue, most young people, including university students, are worried about their future and their employment. In spite of difficulties,
Nowadays, people enjoy watching Memedia. They watch videos through YouTube and Kakao TV, which have made rapid strides. Elementary school students often write ‘YouTube Creator’ in the future hope section. Creators who create channels on platforms like YouTube post their own video clips, and they share it with the public. Indeed, it is currently a heyday for the creators. There is a person who is one of the biggest star creators.
What do you think about pungmul? Pungmul is a traditional Korean music which uses gongs, janggus, drums, jings, and tabors. Nongak and gut are similar to pungmul. Nongak is music played to lift people’s spirits when working or during holidays in farm villages. Gut is music used to pray for the peace and harmony of a village and is accompanied by dancing to the beat and the locals interacting with each other.
Now, interior decorating is quite popular. People love to design and change their homes. ‘Self-interior’ is a mixture of D.I.Y.(Do It Yourself), which has become very popular, and interior decorating. There are a lot of reasons for its popularity. The biggest reason is that one can make an ideal home that suits one’s personal tastes. We talked with Jasson, who is an interior designer and the very person who made D.I.Y. interior decorating popular..
There is a man who was able to live a different life thanks to the words from his supervisor. The words helped him focus on the bar exam for 7 years without giving up. As a result, he passed the examination. The CBT reporters met Kim Han-geun, a lawyer for the law firm Joo-seong, which successfully deals with all sorts of construction disputes and legal matters regarding fair trade. -Ed.
These days, people easily take pictures with their phones and then easily erase them. However, the moment is easily forgotten. On the other hand, pictures taken with film cameras are usually retained for a long time and provide memories from the past. The CBT reporters met Lee Sang-jun, who deals with film cameras professionally and who is the chairman of Professional Photographers of Korea(PPK).
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