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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
People Section
The Navy patrol ship Cheonan was sunk and 46 navy forces were killed. Also, some people were sacrificed during the underwater search operation for the missing naval personnel of the Cheonan. CBT met Back Hun-sung who works as a manager in the field of marine construction and listened to his experiences.
Recently, there has been a job spotlighted by the case of Kim Gil-tae. That is profiler. Thirty-nine profilers are in Korea now. Profiling was just settled as a professional job 5 years ago. It is in its beginning stage. Therefore, there are few people who know what a profiler is in detail. In this issue, CBT met Hong Hee-sun, a profiler. -ED
A 19 year-old girl became champion in Sarajevo in the World Table Tennis Championships in 1973. Thanks to the game, many people came to know about table tennis and it was popular in Korea. The champion's name is Lee Elisa. She was a very famous sports star like Kim Yu-na at that time. CBT met her, a woman who always thinks about her next goals and prepares to run to them.
When we meet a person for the first time, we understand that person by image. Image effects a lot, because there is no basic knowledge of each other. In addition to this, impressions usually don’t change well. When we think about social life, image works in various ways and its effect is big. In this issue, CBT meets Kim Bo-bae, an image consultant who gives advice about image.
Have you ever seen the drama, “Hwangjiny”? It was popular with splendid Hanbok every time. CBT met Kim Hye-soon, the Hanbok designer who shows the possibilities and beauties of Hanbok through the costumes in the drama, “Hwangjiny.”
The words ‘Organ Transplant’ are awkward to us. Particularly Organ Translate Coordinator (OTC) arouses curiosity in us. In this issue, we will learn about Kim Yu-jin, who is the OTC in Eulji University Hospital.
When Korea fell into confusion from an attack of DDOS, there was a man who analyzed it’s malicious code and minimized the damage. CBT interviewed Lee Seung-hee, the senior researcher at Ahnlab, the most famous computer security company in Korea.
Do Ghong-hwan is a man who is a secretary-general of the Association of Writers for National Literature. Let’s listen to his wishful message and his positive mind that were exposed in a poem about him by a poet from Chungbuk National University.
Lately, disinfectants have been emphasized domestically because of the advent of the new flu. Therefore, CBT had an interview with Lee Joo-Ho, the Director General of the National Veterinary Research & Quarantine Service (NVRQS). Unlike general veterinarians, he has engaged in public service and has experienced various situations. He is the chief person responsible for domestic quarantine, called ‘the second frontier.’- Ed.
People can easily find books about travel. When you open a book with a pretty cover at a book store, you can see pictures of beauty spots and writings about the writer’s special experiences. As you see those books, have you ever been envious of the writer of the book? Travel writers seem to have freedom and romanticism. Let’s listen to Lee Dong-mi, a travel writer, about her difficulties which are hidden in our sight.
Recently, the whole world is quivering with a fear of new epidemics. However, about thirty years ago, there was the “Korean Hemorrhagic Fever(KHF)” that caused more serious damages than the present flu. CBT met the microbiologist Lee Ho-wang, who found the Hantaan virus which causes KHF, developed the vaccine, and saved many people. Let’s listen to his story about his career and his philosophy of life. -Ed.
A brand name is one of the most important things in the factors of the product. The first impression of the brand decides the volume of sales. CBT is anxious about how to make the brand name and what is creative thinking. CBT met Kim Hee-soo, who is a brand consultant.
Architecture is a study that is not justified by words. It is a study that combines various cultures, history and people. Kim Jun-sung is an architect who builds buildings based on overseas experience. Let’s listen to his speech about architecture exposing reality.
An aroma is unvisible language, and it exists in every part of our lives. The job which deals with aroma is a perfumer. In this issue, CBT met Jeong Mi-Soon who is a perfumer. Let’s listen to the story that is more fragrant than a perfume from her that tells of challenge with passion and not to be afraid even if the barriers to get through are high. -Ed.
- A person who knows the pleasure can live a more joyful life
She majored in Sociology and studied in Japan. However, she decided to be a chocolatier at the middle point in her life after she started a home. “Other people said that I gave up a comfortable life. However, I thought that the direction of my life went wrong. Therefore, I was not pleasant or happy. I looked back on my memories when I was happy to find the way to be happy. Also, in the 90’s, the mood that renewed our values was made because of the IMF. Owing to these causes, my passion in my heart was expressed."
Women made a monopoly on dancing. Above all, it was unusual to find a male dancer.
CBT met Lee Jin-ho who received an education from the first regular school of Korean dancing. He is a dancing director of ‘The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts’, and he makes a great effort to inspire traditional artists. Let’s listen about his path to become the chief of a national center and his walk of life in Korean tradition. -Ed
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