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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
People Section
Kim Ki-min is a ballerino of the Mariinsky Ballet Company in St. Petersburg, Russia. As the first Asian who has become a principal dancer of the Mariinsky Ballet Company, he is heatedly preparing for performances and portraying lots of characters. Every May through July, “White Night Festival” is an international music festival which is held at the Mariinsky Theater. In this year’s festival, Kim Ki-min is enhancing Korea’s status by perfectly playing the role of Solor in ‘La Bayadere’.
Jo Yeong-su is a Korean teacher at Changmun Girls Middle School, and at the same time, he has been a co-representative of a Reading Educational and Cultural Organization named ‘Chaekttase’ for three years. He is in charge of the Chaekttase projects and makes an effort to form a healthy reading culture for teenagers. CBT reporters met him to listen to his story.
Yoon Yeo-pyo, the president of CBNU, has tried to accomplish many innovative projects for CBNU and has achieved lots of fame nationally: he was awarded as the most powerful CEO in 2017, he was elected as a chairman of the Korea Association of National and Public University Presidents, and he also was elected as vice president of the Korean Council for University Education.
Miss Hong Ye-na is a TV personality who is working as a home shopping MC at W Shopping channel on weekdays, and she also works as a speech instructor on weekends. The CBT reporters heard the stories of her eventful life and got some advice for college students who are struggling to find their dream
Do you know the fact that there are not many countries where science magazine reporters cover the articles and write them on their own? You might come up with Science Donga magazine as soon as you hear this question. We went to Seoul to meet the editor-in-chief, of Science Donga, Yoon Sin-young.
CBT reporters met Takashi Uemura, who used to work for the Asahi Newspaper Institute before. He was the first person who reported on Japanese military sexual slavery. Furthermore, because of the report, he has been suffering from disgrace as a fake reporter. Presently, he is working as a visiting professor at the Catholic University of Korea. We met him and heard about his story.
Now, I’m known as ‘Yakchikii(remedy) paintings’ in SNS, but the original name was Yangchikii(shepherd). I am a modern artist, formally known as Yang Kyung-soo, I draw modern Buddhist art and take pictures. However, I had to think of my pseudonym because, if I use my SNS nickname as my pseudonym, many people and I will go through identity confusion. Therefore, I thought of funny words that begin with my surname, Yang, and finally I decided to name myself ‘Yangchikii’s Saki-chikii(shepherd remedies himself)’.
During the continuous unemployment crisis, start-ups became another choice for university students. CBNU also supports a lot of start-ups, and it even became an important extra-curricular activity as a qualification, like overseas studies or global volunteering. Although the restaurant franchise is the keenest type of business and is already supersaturated, there is one person who proudly succeeded in 10 restaurant franchise brands.
Do you know about the TV program named ‘The Insight’ that is broadcast on channel KBS 1TV every Friday night? This program takes the combined form of a lecture and a documentary, which is called a ‘Lecturementary’, and is a place for discussions about issues between lecturers and audiences. ‘The Insight’ has a special feature, ‘future participants’, which are the supporters of the program. Through the 10,000 future participants,
When it comes to sexual harassment, many people tend to restrain themselves from calling for help, and people are reluctant to let others know that they have experienced it because people are afraid of others’ eyes. Is this a good way to solve the problem? Lee Eun-eui, who wrote two books regarding sexual harassment and the labor problem of women in Korea, now works as a lawyer.
Late at night in a bleak elementary school, a sprite, a vampire, a zombie, Frankenstein and a jiangshi begin to gather. This looks like a horror movie, but it is not. It is the background of a lovely animation. The name of this animation is Spookiz, which is a mixed word using ‘spooky’ and ‘kids’. Although the movie is for children,
Last winter, there were some events that made us feel warm. The most impressive things were some used briquettes engraved with some illustrations and phrases. There is a man who changed briquettes into beautiful works, which made people feel warm in such a cold winter. CBT reporters met Rim Min, who is an artist making works by using briquettes
A travel writer, Tai Won-june, traveled around the world with his mom, who had gotten tired of her life, on her 60th birthday. He wrote his unique journey in two books 'Mom, Letʼs Just Go without Hesitationʼ and 'Mom, It is Finally a Happy Endingʼ. These two books have become best sellers and have touched many peopleʼs hearts.
What do you usually do in your free time? Do you happen to have any hobbies or are you too busy doing this and that? In the book titled ʻHealing Cat in the Forestʼ, the author Kim Soul advises university students to have some hobbies and to express energy through them. How about spending your spare time with coloring books?
The younger generations have complexes about their appearance or looks on account of the influence of various media. Accordingly, people are apt to go on an excessive diet or have plastic surgery, and people get stress by just eating. Here is one person who tells you that you are beautiful, no matter how you look.
Nowadays, TV programs in which foreigners appear have been becoming popular. The most important reason why these TV shows became popular is that these programs show viewers diverse ideas from different people. If people had to choose the most popular TV show in Korea, most people would choose the JTBC TV show ‘Non-summit’.
He speaks out to college students to experience various things. He puts stress on experiencing, learning what you genuinely need for yourself through experiences, and finally being a grown-up. Unfortunately, it is hard to learn from outside CBNU and get up-to-date information due to the geographical location of the school.
Inside the newspaper, there are controversial cartoons. In one or a few box frames, cartoonists draw small pictures with big meanings. Among those, there is a cartoonist who draws
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