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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
Experience Section
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists(ICIJ) obtained 13.4 million documents from the Paradise Papers, which are a trove of documents about tax havens. The media companies of 67 countries inside the ICIJ uncovered the story together. The ICIJ reported that they confirmed that about 120 people, including the leaders of countries and famous politicians, dealt with tax havens. Most of the documents originated from Appleby, which is a Bermudian off-shore financing and legal firm.
Recently, the Korean market has seen more products using characters to sell their wares. Regardless of the industry, the popularity of characters selling products is increasing. 7-eleven, which is a convenience store, signed a license agreement with Pokemon Korea to launch a variety of products using Pokemon. Also, Lotteria introduced Pokemon products targeting various age groups, ranging from children to adults, using characters such as Mazinga Z and Gude Tama.
Recently, the methods of donation are evolving in an attempt to bring more fun to the process. These donations are called ‘funations’ by Koreans. This word is a compound word of ‘fun’ and ‘donation’. It is a fun and pleasurable way to donate. Funation began after a change of people’s perceptions about donations.
In the USA, a racist remark was made by a white police officer. He said, “Remember, we only kill black people. Yeah. We only kill black people, right?” That incident shows that some white people still have blatant discrimination against black people. Moreover, the conflict has become more serious. For a long time, racial discrimination by whites occurred continuously, which created deep conflicts between blacks and whites. It has registered as a major social problem recently.
2017 is ‘the year of sustainable tourism’, designated by the United Nations World Tourism Organization(UNWTO). Sustainable tourism refers to tourism that protects the environment and tourism resources, helps the economies of the local communities, and preserves the native cultural heritages. However, the local inhabitants have recently been protesting against the visiting tourists as a lot of tourists have crowded Europe and several problems have occurred as a result.
Recently, Japan’s economy is showing signs of recovery, so Japanese companies are trying to hire permanent employees who can work longer instead of temporary employees. However, Japanese job seekers avoid permanent positions, so Japan is suffering from a serious labor shortage. The American statistics site Trading Economics showed that the number of permanent employees in Japan increased by about 300,000 since last year and reached 21,263,000.
The sentiment of aversion and discrimination against Muslims became more and more severe after a series of Brussels terror attacks last March. Moreover, the number of aversion crimes against Muslims also increased. Ahmed, a Belgian boy from Morocco, heard a discriminative comment from his elementary school teacher. The young boy was scarred because his teacher said to him, “If you have a plan to install a bomb, please warn me first.” Islamophobia refers to a feeling of aversion against Islam and the Muslims.
Recently, an overbooking occurred in a plane that was on its way to Louisville from Chicago. This accident took place because of the fault of United Airlines. Overbooking means that there are additional passengers on a plane when the plane is already full. The airline’s decision in this situation was to pick four passengers randomly and force them to leave the plane. One of the chosen four was a doctor who refused to get off the plane because there was a patient waiting for him in Louisville
The number of people living with animals stands at 10 million. Not only in Korea, but more and more animals are being raised around the world, and the variety of animals has grown. Although the market for companion animals has grown a lot, recent animal abuse issues have shown that a mature culture of companion animals has not yet emerged. Last May, there was an animal abuse event where a flock of stingrays was found torn in half in Australia. In response,
On March 7th, a statue of a girl was built on Wall Street in the U.S., and it is in front of the ‘Charging Bull’ statue. She is looking up at the bull confidently and putting her hands on her hips. The statue is called ‘A Fearless Girl’, which was made by the investment company State Street Global Advisors, and it was built to commemorate March 8th’s International Women’s Day.
Myeongdong, which used to be full of Chinese tourists, has been empty, and many tour buses carrying Chinese tourists have disappeared. In addition, duty-free shops that were crowded with Chinese tourists before THAAD have been so silent that it seems strange. On March 2nd, due to the so-called “geumhallyeong” where the Chinese government imposed bans on the sale of Korean travel products,
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned that Korea could go through Japan’s ‘lost decades’. To avoid prolonged economic woes like Japan’s ‘lost decades’, the IMF urged Korea to expedite the restructuring of nonviable firms and the structural reform of the labor market. Japan’s social phenomena that arose during the lost decades are similar to Korea’s recent social phenomena, and some of those Korean phenomena are appearing even faster than Japan’s
These days, it is hard to find a job not only in Korea but all over the world. Therefore, performing an internship became an important qualification for getting a job. Along with this phenomenon, unpaid internships became prevalent, and many young people are pouring into public institutions and corporations to do these internships.
Each country’s president ought to fulfill what the public expects as he or she is the citizens’ representative. However, not only have many presidents proposed too many ideal pledges, but they also haven’t carried them out well. Those facts caused citizens to contemplate about the necessity of feasible public promises.
On November 8th, Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States. As many people had been interested in the U.S. presidential election, it provoked lots of controversies. The intense debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, which had been held several times before the presidential election, engaged a lot of people’s attention.
Recently, Japanese people are forming such a strong anti-Korean culture that many Koreans who live there have been victims of racism. The biggest topic of conversation was the so-called ‘wasabi attack at Sijang Sushi’, which has become a hot potato on SNS. Sijang Sushi, a restaurant located in Osaka, put a huge amount of wasabi on Korean guests’ sushi and laughed at people who ate the sushi and suffered from the burning that the wasabi caused.
There are small but strong universities in the world. Despite their small number of students and tiny campuses, they are not overwhelmed and they take the lead with their specificities. The book ‘Small But Strong Universities’ introduces those universities. The book introduces Cooper Union located in New York State. There are only 900 students in total, composed of 150 students in the College of Architecture, 500 students in the College of Engineering, and 250 students in the College of Arts.
This year, all of the American Nobel Prize winners turned out to be immigrants or offspring of immigrants. According to the Huffington Post, Fraser Stoddart, a professor in Northwestern University, said, “An open border is a strong point of America. We should not turn our backs on immigrants in order to maintain a strong American science community.”
Recently, the Galaxy Note 7 was recalled because of battery explosion problems. One purchaser of the phone posted on Facebook that her Galaxy Note 7’s battery exploded. Since then, there have been some similar cases of faulty batteries. As a result, Samsung decided to recall all Galaxy Note 7s.
On September 19th, the Rio Olympics and Paralympics were completed. However, Brazil was embroiled in a dispute. Before the Olympics started, it had a public safety problem because there were 700 slums called ‘favela’. Furthermore, one of the citizens interrupted the sacred-torch relay. He tried to take the sacred-torch from the torchbearer. Moreover, there was an outbreak of a virus, which is called ‘Zika’. Therefore, some athletes refused to participate in the Olympics. However, these were not the problems of only Brazil; there have been many problems in every Olympics
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