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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
Experience Section
“The Plus”, the General Students’ Association (GSA) of Chungbuk National University (CBNU), has created “the Minimum Wage 4320 Project” for CBNU students. “The Minimum Wage 4320 Project” is planning to educate students who were treated unfairly and receive lower than 4,320 won an hour, which is the legal minimum wage, and were treated unfairly. “The Plus” has worked with Cheongju Youth Association to solve not only the problems of CBNU students but also student workers who work in Cheongju.
Students have hoped a cut of tuition, not a students loan.
‘Smart phones are nothing without applications.’ 'Applications make smart phones smarter.' These words are on smart phone users' lips. It shows that applications become a matter of great interest. A smart phone has its own feature which a general mobile phone doesn't have: it is the installation of applications. As the supply of smart phones spreads, a wide array of applications are pouring out. In the case of Apple's App Store, more than 100,000 developers registered about 65,000 applications one year after it started its service.
It is hard to feel seasonable temperatures nowadays. The last year was historically the warmest year according to observations about average temperatures of Earth during the last 131 years. The hottest 10 years were the period from 2001 to 2010. As a result of this abnormal climate, countries like China or India, which are located in the middle latitude of the northern hemisphere, suffered from a cold snap and heavy snow, whereas Brazil and Sri Lanka suffered economic damage by floods and heavy rain.
February 23, 2010 graduates were granted degrees with celebration.
[A Word for Wisdom on English] ALPHABET SOUP Tim Crawford, Professor, Dept. of English Edu.
When speaking about the roles of female politicians, we usually mention 'the effect of Joan of Arc'. This means that we are looking forward for them to taking on significant roles like she did. Two strengths of women are considered to be multi-tasking and performing mother's roles.
Libraries in the U.S.A. have many different functions in comparison with those of Korea. The function is not limited to checking out books. Activities for local communities, free English lessons for foreigners, notifications for exhibitions are all available for local residents whenever they want. It means that public libraries function as essential infrastructures.
The play 'Closer' was first performed in London and then has been played in hundreds of cities including Broadway in New York. The performance will be playing at Art One Theater until October 10th.
Have you ever been to Indonesia? If you have a plan to travel to Indonesia, you should bear in mind that bribes are prevalent in Indonesia. Many Indonesian people value honor and saving face above life, but corruption is rife in business.
Nowadays, Building No. 4, previously the cultural studies building, is vacant. It used to be utilized for lectures for cultural studies, but nobody uses it anymore. The school doesn't even have any plans regarding the use of that building.
Most experts agree that no one method of learning a language works wonders for all people.? We do not all process information in exactly the same fashion; therefore, the ways in which we learn and use information cannot be identical for everyone. That said, it does seem clear that traveling to a country in which English is dominant and immersing oneself in the language helps the average learner make dramatic progress.
The world economy is in a tricky situation. There are warnings for the future of world economy now showing recovery after the economic crisis started from the U.S. that resulted in the bankruptcy of thirteen banks including Lehman Brothers.
The country Kazakhstan is very far from Korea and not familiar with our life. However, Biltaeva Galiya from Kazakhstan has learned about the Korean language since she was a little girl and she knows a lot about Korea. What do you think about Kazakhstan? Now, CBT looks into Kazakhstan with Garliya.
Here is a foreigner who came to Korea to study only. He is “Ali Zulfigar,” the Pakistani. Ali is Muslim who believes in Islam. Because of that, there are some big cultural differences, but he is being adapted in Korea. CBT heard about his thought about Korea and how he has been getting used to Korea.-Ed.
When I first started teaching here in Korea, I was shocked to discover that students had lifted whole sentences from outside sources and then copied these excerpts onto final examinations and written papers. The students made no attempt to give credit to the people from whom they had stolen. When I asked my colleagues about it, they assured me that it was relatively common here in Korea, even at the highest levels of academia. The situation is simply unacceptable. Plagiarism is a serious problem, worthy of our careful consideration.
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