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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
Experience Section
Nowadays, there have been lots of terror attacks in a short time all over the world. The Istanbul airport terror attack happened on June 28th, and the Dhaka cafe attack happened on July 1st in Bangladesh. The Karrada bombing happened on July 3rd in Baghdad, Iraq, and the Nice attack happened on July 14th in France. There are still a number of other attacks.
On the 23rd of March, Brexit (Britain's exit from the EU) has been decided by a 51.9%’s agreement. Despite any financial organization’s warnings that Britain’s GDP will drop, British chose to exit EU. One of the biggest reasons that people agreed to Brexit is Britain’s support fund to the EU. EU has supported poor countries with a member support fund.
In April, Song Hye-gyo refused to be an advertising model for Mitsubishi motors, an affiliate of Mitsubishi Group, which has been infamous as a war criminal enterprise since the Second World War. The management company of Song Hye-gyo said she did that because of the fact that Mitsubishi is a war criminal enterprise and was sued for forced labor in the Japanese colonial era in Korea. It was noted by many people and it attracted people to stage a boycott.
The unveiled creator of bitcoin just revealed his identity. Since 2009, he has been known as an anonymous person named ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. Nobody has known if he is one single person or a group of people. Recently, Craig Wright, Australian IT entrepreneur and a computer engineer, has claimed he is Satoshi Nakamoto - the creator of bitcoin. However, some experts still doubt his real identity.
The world smartphone market has reached a saturation point. According to the market research firm Gartner, the world’s largest smartphone markets, China and the U.S., each had a growth rate of 0.7% and 0.4% respectively. Because of the overall upward leveling of technology, true innovation has long been missed.
In 2001, Marty Baron, who became the new editor of the daily newspaper ‘The Boston Globe,’ paid attention to a column about a Catholic priest who was involved in a sex scandal. After reading the column, he urged the report team Spotlight to investigate. At first, the team hesitated to investigate. However, the journalists began to believe the stories of the victims and started to broaden the investigation.
Recently, the crime rate by Koreans has been increasing in the Philippines. According to a report about Korean perpetrators in the Philippines, the MOFA(Ministry of Foreign Affairs) announced that there were 91 Korean criminals in 2013, 137 Koreans in 2014, and 164 Koreans in 2015, so the number of criminals has been increasing.
Many countries and scientists are especially interested in Mars among the many planets in the solar system. However, even though there have been lots of trials for Mars exploration for several years, it is a fact that there hasn’t been much information or data about Mars.
Last Jan. 5th, President Obama announced strong gun control executive actions as a result of the past shooting incidents’ bereaved families. President Obama sincerely appealed to people to support his executive actions, saying, “Because people are dying. And the constant excuses for inaction no longer do, no longer suffice
In Korea, half-price tuition has been debated as an election pledge. Many people have a concern for scholarships and the student loan system, which are operated by the Korea Student Aid Foundation. Lots of people are paying attention to the tuition issue because it is a heavy burden to many university students.
When it comes to this generation, we can call it “the globalized generation” because of the increased interaction between countries. As the people who are preparing to launch into the generation, many university students are trying to do a lot of things to react to this situation. However, defining what university students should do is very difficult because the concept is a little ambiguous.
A total of 6 papers were received, and we carefully reviewed every paper in terms of its grammatical competence, the frame/structure of the work, and the creative/critical thinking skills it presented. The first factor, grammatical competence, should be considered important, mainly because it not only serves as a basis for good writing, but it also helps readers to understand the main theme of the paper.
There is a language which only two people can speak in Ayapa, a village in Tabasco, Mexico. According to The Guardian, this language is called Ayapa Zoque(Ayapaneco), and only Manuel Segovia(1936) and Isidro Velasquez(1942) can speak Ayapa Zoque fluently. Although the distance between their houses is 500m, their relationship is not good, so they don’t talk or meet each other.
Recently, diesel vehicles have been the most popular vehicles in Europe. It is widely known that Volkswagen has great diesel technology. It became the leader among automobile companies by developing clean diesel, so what is it? It is good to know about the characteristics of diesel fuel. Its merit is its cheaper price than gasoline, which is normally used for many cars.
In the movie ‘The Intern’, the main character Jules (Anne Hathaway) is leading 220 employees as the CEO of a company, and she has achieved great success in a year and a half. However, she is too busy to care for her family. Jules’ husband quits his job and looks after his family instead of her.
'Kingsman: The Secret Service' was the top-grossing film of the first half of this year with more than 6 million viewers. The storyline of the movie is a spy action movie. Villains put tiny chips in the world’s conglomerates’ necks so they can control people and their emotions. The notable thing in this movie is the use of microchips. Also, such a microchip is a kind of biochip. Let’s figure out what this is.
The body of a three year old boy washed up onto a beach in Turkey. The boy who caused international grief was Aylan Kurdi. The Kurdi family story showed the tragic reality of refugees most miserably. The Kurdi family couldn’t live in Syria anymore because of the civil war, so they crossed the Syrian border.
In the movie ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’, famous for the line, “Manners maketh man,” a bulletproof umbrella, a lighter bomb and shoes with knives appear as agents’ equipment. Beyond the spectacular action and thrilling storylines, the equipment combined with high technologies is also an attractive point in spy movies.
Dutch businesspeople, Bas Lansdorp and Arno Wielders, laid the foundation to begin the Mars One mission plan. The goals of this plan are to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars and to send thousands of applicants to the settlement.
A debtor can declare bankruptcy when he can’t repay his debt from a creditor. Likewise, a country can declare bankruptcy, and this kind of thing is called a default when bankruptcy occurs in countries. The Greek economy has gotten worse and worse after the 2008 financial crisis and hasn’t yet recovered.
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