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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
Culture Section
East or west, flowers exist everywhere right beside us, and they have various meanings, such as hope, life, love, beginning, fruition and so on. Since every flower has its own beauty, scent, shape, and language, each flower has it’s own distinctive attraction. In addition, flowers are usually used as a gift on some special days. For example, we give carnations on Parent’s Day and Teacher’s Day and a red rose on Coming-of-age Day.
Have you ever seen the movie ‘Back to the Future 2’, which was released in 1989? In this movie, the main character traveled through time from 1985 to 2015. The movie featured flying hover boards and marvelous cars that were likely to appear in the future. Today, some of the things that came out in the movie have become vital parts of our daily lives.
Have you ever heard the word, tsundere(a person who pretends to be indifferent in front of others but has a warm heart)? The word received the 1st rank among the newly coined words which people most commonly used in 2016. However, tsundere is now an old-fashioned word because new trendy words are being coined every day, and those new words accompany new trends.
The fashions of global leaders don't only mean ‘clothes.’ Their fashions have a certain purpose and have a strong influence on society. Therefore, many politicians have started to use fashion as a way of managing their popularity or delivering their political messages. As well-dressed people can gain a good deal of popularity and can deliver their intentions effectively, fashion is a simple way to give an effective visual message.
With the Cold War over, the 1980s could accept openness. As a result, the realm of everyday life for women was expanded with the entry of women into public affairs. The Seoul Olympic Games were held and post-modernism appeared. Furthermore, many celebrities started to become extremely popular, and those changes of the 1980s also turned sports in Korea into totally new sports. Let’s look at the era of the 1980s, when lots of things appeared or changed.-Ed.
The oil crises, the rise of environmentalism and the spread of punk can describe the 1970s, the era of pluralism. Women’s status growth created new fashions, and modern computers, that we now heavily depend on in everyday life, were invented. Let’s look at the various parts of the 1970s. -Ed.
From OECD to Martin Luther King, to the Beatles, vintage fashion and Marvel Comics, these are the words that were commonly heard. Do you know that these are connected with the 1960s? The 1960s was the era when the OECD was organized. The Beatles made their debut, and Marvel Comics were published. In the 1960s, there was not only Neil Armstrong, who landed on the moon for the first time and said,
Recently, film cameras came into fashion again and it’s on everyone’s tongue. Saving photos in the digital form in cellular phones and DSLR is easier than the analog form, but there are people who miss analog aesthetics and use analog-like camera applications. Let’s find out what the attractions of film cameras are and why film cameras are in fashion again.
Trends are always changing very fast. This year, various industries are interested in ‘it’. Fashion, hair, makeup and interior design are using ‘it’. It is the ‘Pantone color of the year’. Visual design plays an important role in catching people’s eyes. The Pantone color of the year is also leading a trend in relation to visual design. Let’s find out what the Pantone color of the year is and how to use it.
The reporter of this article firstly learned about the existence of Cheong-ju when applying to CBNU. As I became a third-year student, I became attracted to the charm of Cheong-ju when I heard these three facts
Have you ever donated money to a charity? Many people have not donated money because they don’t have money or they feel sorry when they can’t donate much money. CBT introduces about special donations for those people.
There are various restaurants near CBNU. Street foods and food trucks account for 10% of them. They are loved by students, and they stimulate students’ appetites. This CBT reporter introduces and investigates Korean street foods and food trucks in the Culture section. -Ed.
Every country has a lot of conflicts, and Korea is not an exception. One of the most common conflicts in Korea is a conflict between a wife and her husband’s mother. Recently, on the web, many women expressed stress about making an SNS relationship with their husbands’ mothers, so the conflict has become the talk of the town among many Korean women.
While waiting for friends who haven’t come yet or taking a bus or subway, watching some webtoons or reading short news articles entertains us and makes us joyful. A new trend that takes a short time is called snack culture because it seems like a snack that can be eaten anytime and anywhere.
In Korea, almost every university has a variety of festivals. First, a small festival is held in each college, and then a representative festival is held where every student can take part in programs and see performances. According to the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, there are around 400 universities in Korea.
In movies, characters open doors by picking locks with a piece of steel wire. We call it ‘Lock picking’. Many people enjoy lock picking in some foreign countries. This article introduces lock picking. -Ed.
Youth ranges from the teens to the twenties, and people usually call it the young age of life. Adults say that it is not bad for young people to face struggles. Also, young people like to do what they haven’t experienced and what they want to do.
People might answer K-pop if asked what word comes to mind when they think of the Korean Wave. However, the Korean Wave trend recently has changed. Although it’s not as well known as K-pop, E-sports are the most famous example of the Korean Wave.
‘Sexual self-determination’ is the right that a person can determine and choose one’s sexual behavior freely and responsibly without pressure from other people or customs. Nowadays, opinions diverge on whether prostitution should be legal or whether prostitution is understood as sexual self-determination.
Remember the movie ‘King and the Clown’ that sold over 10 million tickets? The tightrope walking by the main character was surely enough to cause the heart-pounding excitement. Here is an extreme sport that is gaining huge popularity in Europe and the U.S. It is called ‘Slackline’. -Ed.
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