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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
Culture Section
Cafes are changing to suit the needs of their customers, as ‘after-dinner desserts’ has become a natural custom and the popularity of cafes has increased day by day and the age range of visitors has diversified. Therefore, if you look at the shops in the downtown area, you can see various kinds of cafes, such as tarot cafes, cartoon cafes, and room cafes. So what is the definition of an original cafe? The definition of a cafe, generally known to people, is a restaurant where you can have a light meal or drink tea.
The issue that aroused the most changes in 2020 is COVID-19. Accordingly, the aspect of cultural life, which people enjoyed freely, also has been changing. Various cultural events and festivals have been cancelled or held online in the social distancing period. Let’s check out what interesting events and festivals people can enjoy from the safety of their own homes.
As technologies using A.I. are developing, deep fake videos made by deep learning technology are becoming a social issue. CBNU students might have seen one on Youtube. Let’s go check what deepfake is and why it’s an issue right now. -Ed.
Recently, movies that spotlight social issues have been gaining huge popularity from the public. Movies about problems not only provide fun and excitement but also encourage the audience to recognize social problems and show what might happen in reality. CBT researched the characteristics of these movies and some of the leading social problem movies.
Have you heard the term Millennials before? The term showed up in the book named Generations, Future of The United States, which was written by Neil Howe and William M. Straus, for the first time in 1991, and it refers to the generation that was born between the early 1980s and early 2000s. For the November issue, CBT investigated Korean Millennials and the conflict between Korean Millennials and the older generations.
Various traditional festivals, like Rio Carnival in Brazil, La Tomatina in Spain, and Oktoberfest in Germany, are held worldwide. In Korea, there are festivals like the Danoje Festival and the First Full Moon Festival. However, in the Japanese colonial period, Japan tried to erase Korean culture and the festivals were not allowed. After National Liberation Day in 1945, Korea couldn’t afford to hold festivals owing to the Korean War and the faltering economy. Now, people are trying to restore Korean traditions and culture, and traditional festivals have come back increasingly.
Lots of college students who are preparing for the next semester are looking back on their vacation. Some students may have studied things they had no time for during the past semester, others may have traveled domestically or abroad, and others may have spent their time watching Netflix and enjoying the air-conditioning in bed to escape the scorching hot summer. In this article, CBT will cover Over the Top (OTT), which refers to online services where people can pick from a variety of interesting TV programs to watch. Why has it become so popular? Which OTT programs suits which people? Let’s find out.
Airbnb, Uber, Facebook, Apple, Alibaba. What do these companies have in common? These companies are platform businesses. Airbnb surpassed Marriott’s profits. Uber exceeded BMW’s market value despite having only one-tenth of the employees. The perfect product helped with Apple’s success, but Apple outdid Blackberry’s and Nokia’s sales volumes only after introducing its app store. The upturns of companies using a platform don’t only apply to overseas companies. There are many platform companies in Korea in IT, finance, marketing, and distribution.
There is a saying, “What goes around comes around.’’ Recently, restoration is in fashion. However, this restoration is different from before when people were just feeling nostalgic. The younger generations, who have not experienced past things, created a new culture by enjoying retro in a different way. This phenomenon is called ‘new-tro’. (This term was introduced in the book ‘Trend Korea 2019’.) It is a portmanteau of ‘new’ and ‘retro’, and it refers to restoration with a new look and function.
Many adults are now living in troubled times with many worries such as job preparation, relationships, living expenses, and providing for the elderly. However, many people are not sufficiently primed to prepare for these concerns. They are called ‘kidults’ in modern society. In this article, we are going to find out what things have comforted or are now comforting kidults. -Ed.
The North-South Korean have had 5 times summit including the latest summit which happened in Semptember 18th to 20th. Recently, interest of South Korean in North Korea gets higher exchange between the North and South Korean being activated. The Korean Peninsula has been divided into south and north for a long time. After North and South Korea which were Koreans before, were separated and times passes, cross-culture arises. Then, What is North Korean culture different ours?
On October 31st of every year, people who enjoy Halloween wear different costumes, and many people enjoy seeing them. In particular, the number of people wearing outfits by making costumes themselves is increasing. They even look more like the characters nowadays. Let’s find out why this trend is popular on Halloween day and what kinds of traditions there are.
A metropolis was suffering on a tropical night. On August 1st, Seoul observed the highest temperature in 111 years, since the Korea Meteorological Administration started keeping records. Japan has also been having a heat wave. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the highest temperature recorded on July 23rd was 41.1˚C in the Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture. The murderous heat from global warming is sweeping Korea and Japan.
Last April 25th, the Avengers movie, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, recorded more than ten million viewers. In addition, ‘Black Panther’, which was made by the same production company, Marvel Comics, recorded about 5.4 million viewers, and it succeeded in Korea. When Marvel releases new movies, many people watch them, so they succeed in the movie industry. However, DC Comics’ ‘Justice League’ was a box office failure, and it had a deficit of 100 million dollars last year.
The spring rain calmly falls after the long, cold winter. Flowers that symbolize the spring start to bloom one by one in the spring rain. Forsythias, rape flowers, magnolias, and cherry blossoms are popular examples. The most important thing people have to see is not only their blooming but also the beautiful fluttering of cherry blossoms because it is one of the most popular spring flowers in the world.
A cosmopolitan festival, the 23rd Winter Olympics Games, was held in Pyeongchang from February 9 to 25. A total of 92 countries participated in the Olympics, with a total of about 6,500 participants, including 2,920 athletes. In addition, there were more than 100 gold medals. During the process of preparing for a successful PyeongChang Winter Olympics, more than 20,000 people participated in the Olympics.
Teenagers and twentysomethings are mainly responsible for the consumption of the culture. They are sensitive to rapid changes and have a big influence on trends. As times change, they have a lot of troubles. Let’s hear their voices. am a teenager who is ready to become an active member of society, and I am focused on choosing a major that might be helpful in choosing a career. In addition, I think that teenagers are concerned about trends.
Looking at past released movies, we can find movies based on history quite often. Although they were successful, they were embroiled in controversy due to their distortions of history. Therefore, we will look at the reasons for the popularity of history movies and why they distorted history just to achieve commercial success.
Originally, a cafe was a place where people could have meals or drink some coffee. However, as the number of cafes serving more and more diverse items in unique interior settings has increased, cafes now hold a place in the minds of people as cultural spaces presenting unusual experiences beyond having meals or taking a rest.
Last June, KBS2 TV broadcasted a new variety program about independent publishing called ‘Naembibatchim(Pot Stands)’. From June 14th to 18th, twenty small independent bookstores participated in the Seoul International Book Fair. Unlimited Edition, which is an Art Book Fair, is preparing for its 9th fair in December. Many books about the stories of independent bookstores and independent publishers are steadily being published every year.
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