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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
Society & Global
Society & Global Section
In the past, and even as recently as January 11th, many people lost their lives because of accidents in the workplace. This issue has been highlighted by the recent collapse of an apartment building in Gwangju where at least 9 lost their lives. This incident made a big impression on the national psyche where everyone could see the horrible scene on news media, especially since it took several days to recover the survivors and missing bodies. As a result, the government published the ‘Serious Accident Punishment Act’ on January 27th, in order to prevent fatal accidents, and to anticipate major accidents, before they occur.
Last year, December 6th, the United States announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics because China violates the human rights of the Uighur minority. On the other hand, there were suspicions that the US is trying to contain China diplomatically by using human rights as a pretext. Professor Kim Jih-un of the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy at Chungnam National University explained why the US declared a diplomatic boycott as ‘value’ diplomacy.
“Voice phishing is about empathizing with the other person. Voice phishing does not dig into people’s ignorance, but dig into the persons’ hopes and fears. This difference determines whether it is 100 million or 1 billion.” It is one of the lines from the movie Voice, which was released in September this year. Voice is a criminal film that shows the techniques of voice phishing scammers who commit crimes in the dark corners of the world, and alerts people to the dangers of phishing.
In Korea, a new word namely Newtro is becoming popular. It is a compound word meaning ‘new’ and ‘retro.’ Compared to retro, which simply evokes memories and nostalgia for a phenomenon experienced in the past, newtro refers to a new way of enjoying the culture of the past by the younger generation who have never had direct contact with the past.
A SF film ‘Avatar,’ released in 2009, of story is about earthlings adapting to a new planet to solve the problem of global energy depletion. In the production process of this film, filmmakers substituted the new planet with a virtual world and created virtual characters called Avatars. It was a new genre with different challenges from previous movies, and it had huge success at the box-office with a record-breaking number of viewers. Also, when the movie was released, most people were under the impression that the application of avatars would be limited to digitally created content.
Currently, due to the prolonged COVID-19, and the continuous increase in the number of infected people, daily life as before is becoming impossible. As a result, many people express their dissatisfaction with stores closing at 10 P.M. Jeong Seok-young, a senior majoring in Electronic Engineering, complained “After a long day, I go to a bar to relieve my stress, but there isn’t enough time to talk with my friends, and it’s impossible to enjoy myself within the constraints of time. It’s a pity to see the closed stores where I used to visit, and unlike before, the Jungmun commercial district is in a slump.”
The English Premier League(EPL) meets annually to determine the best teams in England. Among the teams that participate ‘Leicester city’ has won the trophy in 38 games of the 15-16 seasons with 23 wins, 12 draws, and 3 losses. Considering that the dividend rate for Leicester City’s victory calculated by the British betting company ‘William Hill’ was 5000:1, Leicester City’s victory was simply a miracle. With this article, let’s find out what an underdog is and the trends that encourage underdogs.
The term ‘worker’ has emerged with the dawn of capitalism. It lexically means a person who maintains a living with wages earned from selling labor. Commonly, people conjure up the image of workers who are working at factories or construction sites. However, worker includes a person who works in various forms for financial returns like an office job, education job, police and etc. Likewise, the productive activities that are routinely completed for a living are called ‘industry.’ The word includes various fields like agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, construction, distribution, insurance, service industries, and etc.
Let’s find out more about labeling games through the book Trend 2021 by Kim Nan-do, a professor of department of Consumer Affairs at Seoul National University. The labeling game is a new trend where labels are ascribed to certain people to describe their personalities. The labeling games include the MBTI test, the boomer level test, and the university department test.
Recently, starting with Bitcoin which caused a worldwide sensation, many people became interested in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is electric information that is encoded with blockchain technology and distributed so that people can use the coin as a real currency in some networks. Almost everyone would have heard about ‘Bitcoin,’ one of the cryptocurrencies. Especially nowadays, young investors in their 20-30s are increasing. Bitcoin, a word that tempted lots of people to invest. What would it be?
For a long time, the earth has been tainted by severe environmental problems due to the waste people produce in their daily lives. According to a report, by Statistics Korea, on the generation and disposal of living and workplace waste between 2013 and 2019, there was an estimated 380,709kg in 2013 and 481,682kg in 2019, an increase of about 26.4%. As a result, it can be seen that the amount of waste people discard is increasing as time goes on.
‘IU-take my hand’ and ‘EXID-Up and Down’ are songs that you have listened to at least once. What do these songs have in common? They are both examples of “reverse” craze. Unlike ordinary cars, cars that run in the opposite direction are called “reverse driving.” In this connection, when songs that have not been noticed for a long time after their release or songs that have been quiet for a while since their first hit are re-examined for some reason, we call it “reverse.”
Due to COVID-19, the government has implemented strict social distancing rules to prevent the spread of the disease. As a result, the market economy has slowed down considerably, and many young people are in a difficult situation where they struggle to find jobs. These CBT reporters are planning to investigate the situation, as well as the government’s proposed solutions to the problem in this article. -Ed.
The annual College Scholastic Ability Test(CSAT) will be held on December 3rd. It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of this test since it will, to a very large degree, determine the future of many students. With the test just around the corner, the Ministry of Education and 17 municipal and provincial Education Offices announced ‘Measures for Facilitating the Implementation of the CSAT in 2021’ on November 5th. Looking over the implementation measures, we immediately notice that there are lots of new precautions, because this year is the first CSAT in the COVID-19 era.
Nowadays, in South Korea, every age group is focusing on exercise. Recently, there have been newly-coined phrases related to working out like ‘Helchang’, one who was poisoned in the fitness center and ‘Sanlini’, a hiking beginner. Now that a large portion of the population is hitting the gym regularly we can distinguish between various workout cultures. CBT reporter will focus on the workout trend of those in their 20s and 30s.
Millions of people are suffering from coronaphobia. The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing pandemic and our daily lives have changed unimaginably. The prolonged COVID-19 infection is causing many financial difficulties. As internet penetration and smartphone use increase, uncontacted platforms are drawing attention. Due to coronaphobia and government restrictions, most people are spending more time staying at home compared to the past.
Since COVID-19, people have changed to a life of not meeting other people. All this is quite possibly accelerating the Untact period. The Untact period means that all daily activities are now non-face-to-face events to minimize direct contact between people. Accordingly, people’s consumption trends have also changed radically from before. Especially, this has led people to have simpler and more convenient consumption habits than before.
Traditionally ownership was important. Most people bought everything they needed and used it as long as possible to get maximum value for their money. But, as you will see in this article, consumer habits are beginning to change rapidly. According to market research by ‘Consumer-Insight,’ the ratio of ‘First Car Purchase’ to total vehicle purchase was 16 percent in 2012, but it decreased to 11 percent in 2019. This means consumers who choose to borrow rather than purchase products are on the increase.
According to data from the National Fire department, In Korea, 2,368 people were bitten by dogs and visited the emergency room in 2018. If a dog bites a person, it is possible to make civil and criminal charges. In the case of negligence, the person has to pay up to 5 million won, and in case of negligent homicide, imprisonment for up to 2 years or a fine of up to 7 million won. However, if a dog owner admits his mistake, the dog owner will not be punished under the criminal law, causing the dog owner to be negligent again.
Like the famous saying “Let’s enjoy it while we can,” the phrase “Today we ‘FLEX’ed,” has been spreading like a trend among the new generation and has become a consumption trend. So what does it mean to FLEX? According to Naver’s Korean dictionary, FLEX means ‘Doing warm-up exercises.’ However, the meaning of FLEX in today’s society is different. It refers to the hot vocal rising and falling by a musician which can be interpreted as ‘showing off and boasting’. And the dynamic equivalent for ordinary consumers is interpreted as ‘consumption (of high-priced goods).’
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