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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
Society & Global
Society & Global Section
Recently, the increasing amount of fine dust has caused many problems. Kwon Min-ju (’17, School of Business Administration) said, “I already have rhinitis, and it is getting worse because of fine dust.” Kim Eun-ji (’17, School of Business Administration) also said, “Although I wear glasses, the dust gets into my eyes and makes my eyes hurt, and although I drink a lot of water, my mouth does not feel fresh at all.” Likewise, the problems of fine dust can happen to anyone.
Call taxi apps have often appeared after the development of the smartphone, and we can easily call a taxi by using those apps. Without even telling a taxi driver our location, we can check information, such as the departure of the taxi, the taxi driver’s name, and even the plate number. Also, those apps have gained huge popularity because they don’t charge any extra money for calling. Recently, Kakao Taxi released its app into the call taxi market
Jung Hee Kwan(’14, Department of Psychology) said, “When I was a freshman, I had a part-time job during vacation. While working, I never got paid for my weekly paid holidays, so I reported it to the Ministry of Employment and Labor, and a few days later, I received my payment. Originally, I had no idea about weekly paid holidays, but thanks to my brother, who manages his own restaurant, I was able to learn about weekly paid holidays: If someone works more than 15 hours per week, they can get a paid day off once a week
Last January 28th, the Electrical Appliances and Consumer Products Safety Control Act(Jeon-an Law), which states that certain goods are mandated to have the Korea Certification mark (KC mark), came into effect. The Korea Certification mark is a guarantee that the products are made of harmless materials and are safe enough to maintain resilience and durability.
Recently, there have been a lot of issues such as the political scandal between President Park Geun-hye and Choi Soon-sil and the election of Donald J. Trump as president. As a result of these two events, many people have been thrown into confusion both at home and abroad. In Korea, the majority of people have held candlelight vigils nationally and called for the president to resign. In the case of America,
Due to the Choi Soon-sil gate, the power of President Park Geun-hye is plummeting, which resulted in her losing the support of the nation. As a result, Choi Soon-sil gate and the aftereffects are causing international problems with countries diplomatically related to Korea, and there have also been domestic problems within our nation.
Many female students usually expect bargain sales on cosmetics brands. Lots of university students prefer low-cost stores such as Juicy, a franchise which sells fresh fruit juice at a low price, or 39pocha, a low-end pub. Nowadays, the trend where people are considering cost-effectiveness is increasing and people think this tendency is great. Several years ago, changes started in cafes, bars and pubs, which are usually known for selling expensive brands. In Korea, Juicy, which opened in 2010, was the first cheap fresh juice store
Nowadays, serious accidents have occurred once a month. Two of four recent accidents caused serious casualties. The lack of the bus drivers’ welfare and bus safety acts are the causes of these accidents. Last July, an accident happened, leaving 4 dead and 14 injured at the Bong-pyong tunnel. The cause of the accident was drowsy driving. According to the defendant’s lawyer at the hearing on September 6th, the general practice of the bus industries is that drivers are only provided accommodations or meals when tourists offer them, and they are only provided meals when tourists offer them
Yoon Han-byum(’16, Dept. of Nursing Science) said, “From when I was young, I have been taught by my parents that I should use chopsticks correctly because it is a part of Korean table manners. Especially on a special day like Korean Thanksgiving Day, when my family and relatives gather, I focus much more on using chopsticks appropriately.” As he said, we all had the experience where we were taught how to use chopsticks, and we all have used chopsticks a lot.
Kim Yeong-ran, a Chairwoman of the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission, opened to the public a draft of The Improper Solicitation and Graft Act in August 2012, and the Kim Yeong-ran Law was finally implemented last month. It was proposed as a result of the Benz Prosecutor Affair. It started when Lee, the former public prosecutor, fell in love with Choi, a lawyer and former public prosecutor in 2007.
Nowadays, there are some people who have smelled a bad odor in downtown Cheong-ju. According to the Heungdeok-gu Office, the main reason of the stench is polluted air and water from the factories in the industrial complex near the apartments of G-well City. Since the factories in the industrial complex are manufacturing companies, a large amount of wastewater and raw materials used in the factories flows into the sewer pipes, so especially in dry seasons, a stench occurs in the sewer pipes
Recently, numerous support programs for unemployed youths have appeared. These programs aim to raise the personal abilities of youths by helping them to search for their own paths that fit the needs of society and their own personal desires. However, there are some controversial issues over this project.
Nowadays, the game industry, which is the main industry in Korea, has a crisis because of tight regulations from the government, lack of creativity, and the inducement of additional fees. Globally, the game industry is considered to have a lot of growth potential opportunity due to its endless development possibilities. Google also has entered the game industry with the game company Niantik.
Last June, there was an incident in a hair salon in Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do. The hair salon’s owner pushed the handicapped people to pay too much money for a long time. In one instance, the owner of the hair salon served dyeing without saying about prices to the disabled customers until she had finished the service. When it was time to charge, she disclosed to the customer that the final price was 520,000 won. The owner has arrested and finally sentenced.
‘The 2016 Cheong-ju Martial Arts Mastership’ will be held in Cheong-ju from September 2nd to the 8th. The theme of this event is ‘The harmony of the world’s martial arts’. In this contest, which is hosted by Chungcheongbuk-do and Cheongju-si and supervised by the Cheong-ju Martial Arts Mastership Organization Committee, 2,300 athletes from 89 countries will be invited to participate in 17 events.
Mr. Mo, an anonymous student of CBNU, lives alone, away from his parents, to attend university. He wakes up at 7 A.M. on weekdays for morning classes. He must get up with no one’s help, so he sets his alarm to repeat every 5 minutes. He usually eats his meals at the cafeteria. The reason why he prefers eating his meals at the cafeteria is because eating out is more expensive than eating at the school cafeteria.
The Financial Supervisory Service announced ‘Different ratio of financial credit loans for each age group’. According to them, 31% of loans to people in their twenties were occurring at savings banks or loan companies. With information from last June, 16.2% consumers in their 20s and 30s borrowed from savings banks and 14.6% borrowed from companies.
Lately, some dating applications have been attracting lots of people. This is a new style of dating based on social network services(SNS). These dating applications give people some good services from the most basic ways to the more complex ways. For instance, people who want to date someone can figure out whether he or she fits with them well or not by searching for some information such as marital status, personality and appearance.
A university freshman, Lee, has been preparing for the overseas program since last year. However, he was shocked at the news that TOEIC is going through a major revision. The change felt so unfair to him because his seniors had the chance to study the unorthodox techniques for higher marks. ETS had promised that the test difficulty would remain the same.
In our country, accidents caused by the obsession with being fast have been a continuously troubling problem. One of the biggest issues in 2011 was caused by the 30-minute delivery guarantee rule of Dominos. A teenage pizza delivery rider died on the spot after being hit by a bus.
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