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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
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The entertainment programs respond to trends quickly. When people search for the keywords ‘entertainment program,’ they can see information about the programs that are due to be shown, ones that are on air, and ones that were cancelled. Sometimes, people find some programs that ended after searching. There have been many programs that ended within the last three months. In this age of excessive entertainment, entertainment programs with citizen cast members are gaining popularity and becoming a trend. The entertainment programs with citizen cast members aren’t just entertaining programs.
People are afraid of scary things, but people want to experience various horror activities. It is an ironic phenomenon, so the CBT looked into the psychological and physical reasons why people take different attitudes about fear. osts and horror movies. Horror stories poured from the films and TV shows this summer. The reason for this is the high demand for horror stories that people find enjoyable. They watch horror movies while covering their eyes and grasping the hands of a friend. Also, people go on dizzy amusement park rides with fear.
As technology has developed and income levels have risen, the ways that people enjoy fear have improved in many ways. In the past, people were able to experience fear only through films, comic books or novels, but now people can enjoy fear more realistically by creating their own horror event or creating an environment where people can experience horror.
These days, most people use more than one SNS service such as Facebook, Instagram or Kakao-story. According to a survey by the Ministry of Science and ICT, more than 80% of Koreans are using SNS and more than 90% of young people in their twenties are using SNS. The increasing usage of SNS affects product advertisements. Products in various fields are publicized on SNS. Some of them get thousands of “Likes” on SNS and are well-known to people.
A customer who visits a café might be asked, “Would you like to drink that here?” Since Aug. 1, 2018, under a directive from the Ministry of Environment, cafes all around the nation must not serve a disposal plastic cup to a customer who drinks inside the store. Following a law about saving resources and boosting recycling, the government will impose a maximum 2 million won fine if a store serves plastic cups to in-door customers.
As the North-South Korean summit was held on April 27, more and more people are taking a positive view of North Korea. Many people began to feel positive when they saw Kim Jong-un at the summit. On the other hand, there are some concerns that it is too early to judge Kim Jong-un by his behavior at the summit, and we have to take heed of this situation. What did CBNU students think about the change in the relationship between North and South Korea? In addition, how did the media outlets affect people’s views?
Fine dust is a dust in which its radius is less than 10㎛ (micrometer, 1㎛ = 1/1000mm), and it is known as PM (Particulate Matter)10. Usually, it is emitted from car exhaust or factory chimneys, and it also refers to a dust of very small size, like China’s yellow dust or severe smog. Additionally, we call dust with a radius of less than 2.5㎛ as ultra-fine particles, and since 2011, Korea has been measuring ultra-fine particles.
In the past, the program ‘We Got Married’ was famous. However, nowadays, there is a popular TV program, ‘I Live By Myself’, that shows the lives of people living alone. Times are changing, and also the trends in broadcasting are changing. Readers may not be used to the term ‘unmarried people’. What is the definition of ‘unmarried people’? In the past, people who were not married were called singles. Recently, the increase of unmarried people is because of the appearance of ‘celibates’.
On March 10, a speech was given during a campaign to support an election in Moon Township, Pennsylvania in the United States. On that day, before going to a speech, Trump said, “I think North Korea will do very well. I can trust the North’s intention, and my decision is not impetuous. I can now say Kim Jong-un wants peace, and it is time to do so.” He uploaded four tweets about North Korea and drew many people’s attention.
Recently, accidental fires have occurred repeatedly. On December 21, 2017, there was a big fire in Jecheon. Shortly afterward, a big fire happened in Sejong Hospital located in Gyeongnam. It started in the ceiling of the nurses’ fitting room. It caused forty-eight deaths, and everyone was saddened by the news. It is urgent to find out the causes and seek ways to prevent future fires.
Based on the writings of International Business Machines Corporation(IBM) Institute for Business Value, ‘Generation Z will reach 27% of the population with an estimated population of 2.6 billion in 2020, with annual consumption of about $44 billion in 2014.’ Generation Y have been popular up to now, but there is a tendency to pay closer attention to Generation Z for the future.
Recently, as the dog of a famous star bit and killed the owner of a famous Korean restaurant, incidents of dog bites have become a serious social issue. In Korea, where over 20% of the households raise dogs, accidents where people get hurt or die from dog bites are increasing. According to the Korea Consumer Agency, there were only 245 accidents in 2011, but last year, the number quadrupled to 1,019 accidents.
Recently, a sexual assault by a superior in Hanssem Company made the headlines and became a hot topic. In November, a text was posted on a community site that included the words, “I suffered from a hidden camera, sexual assault and rape in my company for four days after I entered a company.” News of this incident spread quickly after the woman accused her assailant.
Last August 30th, there was a big issue on the official website of the Blue House when someone demanded a revision to the law to allow women to participate in the transition of mandatory military service. The petition closed on September 14, and about 120,000 people signed it. Through the petition, the conflicts between males and females escalated, and a number of petitions regarding gender equality were posted by each side.
엄카, 시강, 띵작, 커엽다, and 댕댕이. How many new words do you know among these five? These words are newly-coined words which are particularly prevalent in teens and twentysomethings’ daily lives. ‘엄카’ and ‘시강’ mean ‘mother’s card’ and ‘catching one’s eyes’ respectively. They are abbreviations. 띵작 and 커엽다 are called 야민정음, which are pretty much the same as 명작(masterpiece) and 귀엽다(cute).
Carcinogens have recently been detected in sanitary pads, so women are now afraid of using sanitary pads. Lee Se-rim(’16, School of Information and Communication Engineering) said, “I feel a sense of betrayal because the sanitary pad is a daily necessity.” She also said, “I will find another solution like a direct purchase or using a sanitary cup because of my anxiety.”
Last August, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(MFDS) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs(MAFRA) conducted a complete investigation of egg farms. A total of 1,239 eggs were inspected, and pesticides were detected in 52 eggs. Park Ho-gyeong(’14, Dept. of Sociology) said, “There is almost no food that doesn’t contain eggs, but a pesticide has been detected in the eggs. Accordingly, I am afraid to eat eggs in the future.”
Last July, there was an incident of dating violence where a drunken man assaulted his girlfriend in Seoul. The man even drove a truck and sped towards her and some citizens who tried to protect her from the truck. This kind of dating violence has reached alarming levels, and the damages have been increasing. Dating violence refers to any violence or threats that can happen between lovers. It includes not only sexual violence but also multiple other crimes such as violent acts, excessive control, surveillance, ranting, intimidation, extortion, kidnapping and attempted murder.
Recently, Kakao Bank, which is only the second internet-only bank following K-Bank, is gaining great popularity. Kakao Bank successfully passed a million new accounts and more than 300 billion in deposits. The internet-only bank, which was developed to compensate for the faults of the current banking industry, can provide banking services at home. Accordingly, the internet-only bank offers better interest rates to consumers with decreased offline operating expenses.
A minimum wage system is where a country legalizes the lowest level of wages to guarantee employees’ livelihoods and to force all employers who hire at least one person to pay their employees the minimum wage. The minimum wage has been constantly raised: 5,580 won in 2015, 6,030 won in 2016, and 6,470 won in 2017. However, recently, there has been a movement where some employees have insisted on raising the minimum wage up to 10,000 won by 2018.
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