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These days, many things are discarded on a daily basis. In 2015, EURPMAP surveyed 63 countries around the world on plastic usage. According to EURPMAP, South Korea’s annual plastic emissions were 61.97 kilograms per person. The public became aware of the seriousness of the plastic usage problem. Therefore, recycling was implemented to protect the environment at the national and personal levels. However, lots of resources are thrown away, while recycling is limited. This is the major limitation to recycling.
In recent times, South Koreans who traveled to Japan, wore Japanese apparel, or ate Japanese cuisine, could expect a stern rebuke from their neighbors, and they might hear the admonition: ‘Did you really have to do it?’ Around July 2019 banners like ‘No Japan’ and ‘I’m not going there, I’m not buying it,’ were displayed all over the country, and it showed that Koreans were intent on boycotting Japan. This boycott movement was the right thing to do for Koreans, and the result was a closure of some chain stores of a major Japanese retail company in several areas.
Have you heard about the Any Song Challenge? Any Song is the Korean Singer Zico’s latest song and the Any Song Challenge refers to mimicking the Any Song’s choreography and uploading the video to SNS. Nowadays, it has been a big issue that many people, including celebrities, participate in the Any Song Challenge. In fact, many new challenges are created every day and spread through the SNS realm. Challenges are a dime a dozen and they are employed in a variety of ways with all kinds of goals.
People can easily find posters around them that ban the usage of disposable cups in cafes or shops. According to a Ministry of Environment survey, about 26 billion disposable cups are used in Korea annually. Annually, Koreans use more than 600 disposable cups per person on average. In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste, the government announced a law that banned using plastic disposable cups in cafes or shops from Aug. 2, 2018.
These days, marriage has become a choice, not a must, like in the lyrics ‘Dating is a necessity, marriage is a choice’ from the song ‘Amor Fati’, and the number of singles is noticeably increasing. According to a survey by the National Statistics Office of Korea, the marriage rate is decreasing every year, and the number of marriages has been fewer than 300,000 since 2016. More and more people are choosing a non-married life on their own, so why are there so many people who choose to be single?
The number of households that have companion animals was 5.74 million among 1.952 billion in Korea in 2017, and it has increased drastically since 2010. Many people are raising animals with affection; however, they sometimes can’t take care of their animals. For these situations, animal care services have prospered. As a result, in Korea, companion animal hotels and pet sitter services have flourished. Companion animal hotels are kennels for animals, and they offer accommodations and food to animals. They are useful to people who are away for long periods of time. Still, many incidents happen as the hotels have been unregulated by laws and staffs have been careless.
Trend Korea, which is a book series that predicts yearly mainstream trends, has become a bestseller, and it elicits explosive reactions from its readers. Trend Korea analyzes the previous year’s consumption trends, and it anticipates the year’s upcoming consumption trends. The readers can get much information about the changes in consumption through this book, and they can prepare themselves for the changes. Trend Korea 2019 analyzed the 2018 consumer trends and selected the cell market as this year’s trend keyword.
Over the past two decades, opioids have killed more than 700,000 people in the United States. These days, opioids are a major headache for Americans because they kill 130 Americans a day. Abusing opioids is a serious problem not only in the U.S. but also globally. An opioid is a drug synthesized from opium and an analgesic drug that relieves pain. Typical forms are fentanyl and morphine, which can become addictive if they are used continuously. Currently, opioids are used primarily to treat extreme pain.
The English Premier League (EPL), the world’s biggest soccer league, held a match on August 10th between Liverpool and Norwich City. The league gathers the top 20 teams from pro-leagues and semi pro-leagues to play. These teams change every season, so audiences can enjoy different matches. Why is this league famous in Korea? The EPL was started in 1992, but it became famous in Korea in 2005. That year was the first time when Korean soccer players like Park Ji-sung and Lee Young-pyo joined the EPL.
Last July 1st, Japan announced that it will regulate exports concerning 3 core materials of semiconductors and displays. It said that the reason is its loss of trust in South Korea. Japan has still not apologized for the forced labor and its military sexual slavery. Koreans who heard this news got angry and started to boycott Japan. Thus, the CBT researched the Japan Boycott and surveyed whether CBNU students know about these issues.
The concept of ‘artificial intelligence’ was first suggested by Alan Turing in 1950. After a chess tournament between Garry Kasparov and IBM’s supercomputer Deep Blue in 1997, people began to show interest in A.I. Twenty years later, Go champion Lee Se-dol lost a match to Google’s Alpha Go, once again attracting people’s attention to A.I. This caused a massive increase in technologies utilizing A.I., such as robots and devices in medical or financial services.
Recently, through many media broadcasts, there has been news that Korean celebrities and family members of conglomerate owners were caught using illegal drugs. Koreans are still in shock after hearing this news. Korea has been stringent on drug use, and its efforts for the prevention of drug use have been very exhaustive. For these reasons, Korea was a drug-safe country and had a nickname as a “drug-free nation” for a while. However, the drug problem is increasing these days, so many people are worried about this issue of illegal drugs.
While the popularity of The Avengers: Endgame in Korea has been so high that it is being called Marvel Korea, the Avengers craze is causing changes at movie theaters. It is the final installment in the Avengers series, where the heroes became the last hope to save the universe. It surpassed 10 million viewers in just two weeks after its box office release. As a result of its popularity, movie theaters and viewers alike are thoroughly preparing for the movie.
On February 28th, the Korea Kindergarten Association (KKA) delayed the opening of some private preschools. The reason was that the association opposed the contents of the three amendments related to preschools. Eventually, the association wanted those bills to be withdrawn as they thought some contents threatened their livelihoods. Although the KKA’s situation faded away in the past, as the public was not on their side and the government took strict legal action, it has been an issue for a long time.
In the past, broadcasting on TV and showing movies in theaters was a big part of the video industry. However, in recent years, there are many ways to watch movies. People are watching videos on demand. Through these videos, it is possible to experience various subjects such as beauty, games, kidneys, and dance. Also, people can get useful information about real life. The most representative examples are YouTube and Netflix. Through these two platforms, people are free to watch videos that they want to see, and the number of people who watch these videos is increasing rapidly.
This winter, the drama ‘SKY Castle’, which was broadcast on JTBC, recorded the highest viewing rate ever. This drama became hugely popular. The topic of this drama was the overheated education system. In some ways, people could feel bored with this topic. How did this drama find success? The drama showed some families who tried to solidify their status by secretly hiring university admissions coordinators for their kids to enter Seoul Medical School.
‘Trend Korea’ is a book series where professors of each field research and write the upcoming trends of Korea for the Consumption Trend Analysis Center of Seoul National University. The CBT figured out the future trends of Korea through ‘Trend Korea’. The keywords that ‘Trend Korea’ has suggested since 2007 consist of 10 letters relating to each year’s animal. The keyword of 2019, the Year of the Swine, is Piggy Dream.
‘Gapjil’ is a Korean word that means abusing power against inferior people. The shocking abuse of power by the group chairman Yang Jin-ho has become public knowledge and has raised criticism of such abuse again. There have been many cases of abusing power, but the case of Yang Jin-ho was especially severe. Therefore, it shocked people more than previous cases of power abuse.
Everybody has probably sung ‘Pick Me’ at least once. Produce created three successful K-pop groups. Produce 101, which was season 1, produced I.O.I., and season 2 produced the boy group Wanna One. Also, Produce 48, the third season, was a TV program that collaborated with the Japanese girl group AKB 48. It eventually produced the girl group IZ*ONE. While various survival audition programs have been broadcast, some viewers got tired of similar survival audition programs. Nevertheless, many viewers are waiting for the next season of Produce.
Nowadays, our society has a growing affinity for cats. More people are raising cats than ever before, and cats stand out conspicuously in our modern lifestyle. Students can see cats walking around CBNU, and they can see a lot of cat-related books listed in the bookstores. Also, Webtoon, YouTube, and other related content providers are showing ways of raising cats and sharing subscribers’ stories to readers. Even on social networks like Instagram, the number of cat videos has increased, and the number of cat owners has increased as well.
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