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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
Communication Section
I visited my grandmother this weekend. Her house is located in a very small village, just below Mt. Geum-oh in Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do. Due to its location just below the mountain, my grandmother’s village is hard to reach. Amazingly, it is such a clean area that there is no fine dust and no COVID-19 at all.
These are lines from the recently ended Korean drama ‘Navillera.’ In this drama, there is a story related to the challenge of a seventy-year-old grandfather who challenges himself to finally pursue his childhood dream of doing ballet. However, unlike the main character in the drama, many people live their lives without a dream. They study hard in high school, with the goal of entering a good university, and try to get a stable or high-paying job.
1n the 1980s, Japan was the richest country in the world, and there was even an expression stated that “Japan can buy the United States when Japan sells Tokyo.” Actually, according to the Wall Street Journal, in 1988, 33 of the world’s 50 largest companies were Japanese by market capitalization – indicators of how large the stock market is – and, 16 Japanese companies ranked 20th. In addition, the world’s No.1 company was NTT in Japan, and IBM in USA followed as No.2 NTT’s market capitalization was more than three times that of IBM.
Food is an essential part of existence for everyone. If you don’t eat anything all day, your nerves are on edge and you can’t concentrate on your work. Above all, cooking is extremely special, because you could feel colorful emotions. When I get a gloomy feeling, there are three movies I like to watch to shake off the bad sentiment. Through movies, you can experience the magic that makes you all fuzzy and warm. 
A few days ago, my friend sent me a troubling message which read, “I feel like I wasted my life.” As I listened to her closely, she was quite worried about human relations and stressed because of them. Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, got it right when he asserted “Human beings are social animals” and no one can live alone. People hang out together and maintain relationships by forming a society and continually interacting with others. Human relations are important because we have to live by interacting with others.
The renowned French thinker Jean-Paul Sartre said, Life is C between B and D. This means life is “Choosing between Birth and Death.” Everyone lives and is placed in numerous moments of choice. In addition to choosing inconsequential things, such as a meal from a menu, there are situations where I have to make consequential choices like a place to stay in the future.
Marriage is a highly symbolic institution or ceremony that has legally binding effects, and it has the very important role of forming families. Not so long ago, people who did not get married in Korea were not treated as properly equal people. Nowadays, however, many think that marriage is not a family-to-family system, but a process of individuals meeting individuals. That fundamentally changed the perception of marriage.
Now that Corona 19 is in vogue, many companies, schools, and others work or take lectures remotely. People might think working remotely is a perfect situation, especially for introverts. They have their invisible room behind the computer, and their tops may be suits, but their bottoms may be pajamas. However, this situation may very well not be a total bargain for most people including introverts.
In the famous fairy tale The Little Prince, there is the story of ‘The Elephant and the Hat’. The story begins with a picture drawn by the writer. Adults look at the picture of the writer and say, “That looks like a hat.” and they are convinced it’s ‘a hat’, but the little prince says it’s ̔a boa snake that swallowed an elephant’. And in this way the author criticizes narrow-minded thinking with his famous line, “The most important thing is invisible.” And the story was praised by many experts and readers.
A person’s voice is like an instrument played. Perhaps the most powerful sound in the world. It’s because only human beings are able to cause war through words or say they love someone. Words play such an important role. However, sometimes when people talk, they think that the other person is not focused on what they are saying. Why? How can you get the other person to want to hear what you are saying? Furthermore, how can you speak so powerfully that you can make a difference in the world?
According to a survey conducted by Embrain Trend Monitor on No Kids Zones, 6 out of 10 adults (60.9%) felt uncomfortable in public places due to noise problems or dangerous situations such as collisions with infants and children under the age of 13. While there is a consensus that some sanctions are needed in connection with the problems and risks caused by children in public, 66.1% of all respondents expressed their support for No Kids Zones.
Many successful people say that even though time is given equally to everyone, your life will vary according to how you spend it. Although everyone knows the importance of time, it is still not easy to spend time efficiently. Especially, there are too many temptations, like smartphones, to waste time pointlessly. According to the 2019 Korean Level of SmartPhone Dependence Survey, conducted by the Ministry of Science/ICT and National Information Society Agency, 20% of Korean daily lives were disrupted by smartphones in 2019. Many people, including me,
This year, many things happened all over the world because of the corona virus outbreak. Especially in Korea, the response to Corona 19 has drawn international attention. For example, some heads of state urgently requested direct access to Korea’s Corona 19 diagnostic kits. The efforts of countless medical staff and citizens in Korea have greatly reduced the number of confirmed cases. It is abundantly clear that Korea’s response to the Corona 19 outbreak was significantly different than other countries.
The film Parasite won four awards at this year’s Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best International Feature Film. When I heard that a Korean film won the first Oscar, I watched the movie again. A closer look at the film ensured that the depictions and expressions that I missed the first time caught my eye. Also, the ability for director Bong Joon-ho to bring out the intended acting skills in the actors became even more impressive.
A few days ago, I watched ‘I Met You’, the virtual reality human documentary. This documentary is about a mother who lost her seven-year-old daughter, Nayeon to a rare and incurable disease. After four years of separation she was able to interact with a VR version of her daughter. Thus, before watching the documentary I was wondering how meeting her daughter, conjured up by VR technology, could possibly console her mother. Actually, ‘virtual reality’ and ‘comfort’ are not compatible at all. However, the mother was greatly consoled when she was finally able to meet the child.
The media reports on activities by informing or forming the public opinion through various media. In other words, the media represents society. People have access to news and share information with each other through the media. As the media informs about what is happening in society, people can express their opinions or form communities, so the media plays a big role, especially when people act collectively. One example is the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.
Collections of quotes using popular character’s lines from healing cartoons or novels like Winnie the Pooh or Anne of Green Gables have been famous in Korea. The collections suggest more appropriate solutions for people’s worries in daily lives. They contain advice about the common pressures people have about human relationships. As many people feel the burden of relationships, I think the friendly advice has made the collections famous.
It is fundamental for a reporter to make a fair and prompt report despite any external pressure. Also, it is a rule to report facts objectively, and reporters are supposed to report various news topics for the people. I’m a reporter. As a reporter, I write articles that need to be reported on for my readers’ rights to pertinent information. To write an article, a reporter can choose any issue. For the sake of people’s rights, however, there are no regulations about writing articles.
When I was in high school, being accepted to a university was my final goal and everything for me. However, when I failed to be accepted to the university I wanted after repeating the college entrance exam, my self-esteem hit rock bottom. I didn’t like anything in my life, but when I accepted myself and my situation, it was no longer a matter for me whether I went to a good university or not. I tried to accept what I had done and focused on the things that needed to get done. All students have a moment of denial and difficulty, but they have to accept it and concentrate on the present and future. Thus, I want to tell my story to the readers.
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