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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
Communication Section
These days, a lot of new words that indicate our estranged relationships with others have been coined, such as ‘honbap’, ‘honsul’, and ‘gwantaegi’. These neologisms are all the rage. In addition, many TV programs related to individualism, like ‘I Live Alone’, have appeared. Of course, it is natural that as the times change, our culture and thoughts also change.
Right after I dropped out of high school, it was a nightmare for me to go out in the morning. Whenever I entered clothing stores with my mom, about 6 out of 10 clerks asked us how old I was because, at the time, every high school student was supposed to be at school. At first, I told them the truth: I quit school. I told them the truth: I quit school. However, their unexpected reaction hurt both me and my mom’s feelings.
Time is really important in chemical reactions. Some chemical reactions, such as explosions, are naturally fast, while others, such as iron rusting in the presence of oxygen and water, are naturally slow. The reaction rate tells us how quickly reactants act on producuts and describes the concentration changes of reactants over time.
A few days ago, while I was taking a liberal arts class related to English listening, I felt so embarrassed. On the first day of the class, the professor asked the students a question: Why are you taking this class? The students hesitated to raise their hand.
I took a recruitment test and had an interview to join The Chungbuk Times on July 19th, 2016. As a result, I passed and my reporter’s life began. When I was writing my first article, it was very different from writing assignments in college.
The Washington Post has recently unveiled its new slogan, “Democracy dies in darkness.” This motto seems to precisely capture furious citizens in the United States and South Korea are collectively concerned about the increasing crisis of democracy. They strongly feel that their democracy is in an unprecedented crisis.
When I strike up a conversation about political issues with my friends, the conversation soon dries up and gets awkward. My peers rarely state their views on politics, just saying political buzzwords occasionally. Although we’re allowed to share opinions on news or current affairs programs, it is an implicit rule not to talk about politics among twentysomethings.
When I was young, I was emotionally sensitive. I often gawked at daily sights that other people didn’t notice. Such things as a tree shaken by the wind, a building lit by sunset and a normal alley looked beautiful to me. I loved taking a ride, especially when I was a high school student, because all the views I saw through the window of a car looked so beautiful. I always tried to sit at window seats in buses.
I have been asking what is freedom from most of college level students. Actually the answer is very simple in one side but also very complicated in other side because we need to realize the difference between freedom and neglect or ignorance. So, in order to get an answer to that question, shall we just imagine that you are the only one in our society. Then, sort what you could do and what you should do.
We consider CEOs in enterprises and presidents as leaders. Yet, leaders also exist in our daily lives, and we frequently have been put in situations where we should be a leader. This is because we always need a person who leads our conversations. Conversing with others is our routine work, but sometimes it seems difficult when there are few common interests with the others.
On Nov. 20th, I went to the Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Office where a candlelight rally was held. The rally was in a festive mood: I saw citizens’ free speeches, which promoted people’s participation, and heard some songs flowing, like ‘Haya-song(Haya means resignation).’ The most interesting thing was that everyone was marching through the streets and singing together.
Science is moving much faster than we might think. Scientists tell us that a graph of the development of science in time will be an exponential function over time. This means it is very difficult to anticipate what our future technologies will eventually become, given the current status of science and technology.
It is an obvious recent trend that people are abstaining from luxuries and considering cost-effectiveness. Evidence is easily found. There are many inexpensive restaurants and beverage shops lining the streets near CBNU, and people’s clothes are often from lesser-known fashion brands.
Recently, I suffered from insomnia without any reason, which resulted in depression. On the previous Monday, I went to bed at around 12 a.m. as usual. However, I couldn’t fall asleep and tossed and turned all night. I fell asleep in the end, but I just got 3 hours of sleep.
Retired Professor Kim Jong-wook of the Department of Animal Husbandry at Chungbuk National University passed away in August. We had been friends for more than 40 years. He was someone I admired very much. When I graduated from college in 1970 I had no idea that I would eventually spend four years of my life in Korea and that I would have many memorable experiences. In March, 1971 I arrived in Cheongju as a Peace Corps volunteer assigned to teach English at Chungbuk National College.
Reaching an agreement on a common name for a sea adjacent to several countries is obviously a difficult and sensitive task, since the name of the sea reflects the culture, history, and identity of the people living nearby. This is well proven by concurrent use of different names in the editions of “Limits of Oceans and Seas: S-23” published so far.
Last vacation, I went to IVSA (International Veterinary Students’ Association) Austria Congress as one of the Korean delegates. Among 250 delegates from 34 different countries, there were a variety of languages, cultures and races, and the delegates experienced wheels within wheels.
Nowadays, I have changed a lot, but I was introverted in my childhood. In elementary school, I hated to be noticed by others and couldn’t answer teachers’ questions because I was ashamed. I have tried to change a little bit while growing older, but I still feel ashamed and uncomfortable when noticed by others. It is amazing that I now can cover for other people and write articles.
We often hear the words, “Think rationally.” Should rationality, however, always be the answer for everything in our life? In fact, the rationalistic bias can promote various types of dichotomous entities in human life, such as truth and untruth, reality and magic, the real and the unreal, or the visible and the invisible. The development of today’s technology may even symbolize the loss of the unreal, and it sometimes creates an obsession with visible evidences and scientific proofs in every matter,
I took the university entrance exam three times with the goal to go to a medical school. I could only apply for regular admissions because my school records were messed up. However, while challenging to take the university entrance three times, the thought that it was unfair that my chance had been deprived permeated me.
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