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최종편집 : 2023.11.27 월 18:07
Communication Section
Many of us interact with many people every day. For example, if you are a college student, you can go on a field trip with people from all over the country and meet new people everywhere. If you live like that, sometimes your values conflict with those of others. The reason why I choose the word ‘conflict’ is that there is a disjunction between other people’s values and our own values.
Nowadays, my favorite expression is, ‘Giving up is a pleasure too.’ In the book ‘To Live a Simple Life Is Happy’ by Mumu, there is a quote, ‘You should be enjoying abandonment if you want to be happy.’ After I read this, my head was frozen like I was hit in the back of my head. Perhaps, the sentence that I want to hear these days is about abandonment. I never learned the way to give up on anything.
When you look up the dictionary, JUSTICE comes from Latin justitia “righteousness, equity,” from justus “upright, just,” and from the Old French “uprightness, equity, vindication of right, court of justice, judge.” This word began to be used in English as a title for a judicial officer. For this, the origin of justice is described as the origin of Justitia, the goddess of Justice within Roman mythology, known as Lady Justice who is an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems and her attributes are a blindfold, a balance, and a sword.
Most people have had some experience of having power in large and small organizations. In a small aspect, if people have brothers and sisters, they make their little siblings do an errand, or in large aspect, a president giving orders can be seen as an example of power too. However, this form of power has fallen to being used as a tool for self-gratification rather than a reason for admiration.
I always used to write down the college and department I aimed for on a small paper during my high school days. Just getting into a prominent university was my goal, like other students in my teenage years. I thought that getting into a prominent university was the only way for the good jobs and a stable life.
Many influential international political, economic, and cultural leaders gathered in Davos, Switzerland for four days from January 20, 2016 to discuss the main agenda of the 2016 Davos Forum, “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” The Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab who led the forum explained why the full understanding of the fourth industrial revolution is important, stressing that we are now going through what we had never experienced before in a completely new way.
Having been busy for a year, I could not go on a trip. I had piles of work to do all the time and spent my days exhausting myself. When I got home, I hit the sack without any leisure time, and the days went on and on. I wanted to escape from this daily life during winter vacation
eived a digital camera from an uncle who is a photographer. I strove hard to master the camera by taking lots of pictures of a pencil and an eraser on a desk and plants in the yard. When I got used to the camera, I started to take pictures of my family and even took pictures of my friends.
There is a prejudice that scientists are generally unable to establish and maintain good social relations. Most of scientists depicted in dramas and movies are mostly self-studying and researching rather than socializing. (e.g., Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory). Due to their passion for research and invention, they are often over-focused on objects of their study and thus have difficulties in forming stable social and family relationships.
There are many vendors around CBNU: A woman who sells tteokbokki, an old man who sells roasted sweet potatoes, and people who sell egg breads every winter. I don’t know why, but there have been no controversies about those illegal sales before. Recently, a woman has been selling roasted sweet potatoes and has been promoting them through a community forum that CBNU students often use.
Only the page of December, which seemed so far off at the beginning of the year, is left on the 2017 calendar. I think this year passed quickly because there were quite a lot of accidents and incidents. In my memories, this year could be summed up as a notably long summer, a short fall, and a very early winter. I also spent part of this year traveling abroad as I had planned and thinking about my next CBT article as well as school classes.
There is no simple way of understanding our life, as the age-old classic dichotomy of reason and unreason is being demolished. The world is actually an extraordinary place that frequently negates logic and is always full of mysteries and miracles. By going beyond the limits of reason, we should perhaps be able to understand these paranormal events and happenings.
Many people might have experienced posting words or leaving comments on internet sites and relying on anonymity at least once. As a CBNU student, I feel that many people heavily turn to anonymity on message boards for various reasons: to express their dissatisfaction with the unfairness in CBNU,
Even though many people have their own hobbies, many more people do not have hobbies. Having a hobby is related to finding one’s aptitudes and interests because they have to know what they like to do. From this year, I have been watching my favorite YouTube channel that contains fishing videos as the main content.
Consciously or unconsciously, we all want democracy as a primary principle of our political life and a form of government that are built on our general consent. Democracy is now not an optional choice but a mandatory one for those who want to live in a liberal, equal society. Indeed, democracy is always an amalgam of a strand of liberal philosophy, a fabric of equal polity, and a mode of democratic life, which has been fashioned and transformed throughout modern history. In particular, modern democracy as a historical entity, established alongside of the rise of nationalism and capitalism that collectively opened a new world of diversities, has enclosed a large multitude of heterogeneous individuals and their visions, desires, and practices in a certain geopolitical boundaries and social limits, thereby evincing its increasing yet unresolved complexities and contradictions.
In universities, unlike middle and high schools, you can spend time outside of class freely. A student can join a club or spend a day doing their hobbies. I am spending my own time meeting various people from all over the country through extra-curricular activities. However, every time I do them, I constantly feel that they are not making me a more useful person.
What kind of purpose do you have when you travel? People usually travel for a new beginning, a break, self-development, or a tour. To me, a trip is a sheet of drawing paper, and going abroad is a white sheet of drawing paper that will be filled with other places, emotions and people.
According to IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) Technical Resolution A.4.2.6 (1974), it is recommended that when two or more countries share a given geographical feature (such as, for example, a bay, channel or archipelago) under a different name form, they should endeavour to reach agreement on fixing a single name for the feature concerned.
Recently, the movie named ‘Gunhamdo’ was released. The story of the movie is about the Korean people who were persecuted by the Japanese army during the period of Japanese colonial rule. However, there have been some controversies surrounding the movie because some people think that it isn’t based on a true story. Nonetheless, the reason why many people are seeing the movie might be because Koreans have ill feelings against Japan.
If you have attended school in Korea, it might be familiar to you that every student should write their own future dream on a paper at the beginning of every semester. I only wrote the words ‘civil servant’ on the paper until I was 17 years old, and I also said it to anyone who has asked me about my future dream.
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