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Muslim students in CBNU are primarily from Central Asia and the Middle-East. In this article, we interviewed graduate student Ayman to hear his story of Muslims living in Korea. According to Ayman’s opinion, Muslim students who are from various countries share lots of values, traditions and cultures. This is because those people acquire those values from a single source: Islam. Those things include the five daily prayers, Friday prayer, and fasting during Ramadan, the 9th month of the Arabic calendar.
On August 16, 2018, the second library, which many students have waited for, finally opened. As the existing library doesn’t have enough places to study, many students have experienced inconveniences. The new library has various facilities for studying, and it should satisfy their expectations. However, will it also satisfy the international students? There isn’t any information about the new library on the English version of the library’s website.
Every university has strange stories. There are a variety of rumors at CBNU. The ghosts of dead children doused with water often appear at Sookmyung Women’s University. Also, it is rumored that ghosts crawl around the walls and ceilings in the CCTV room of the College of Arts at Jungang University’s 2nd Campus in Anseong city. Some universities have ridiculous rumors as well as scary stories. There are lion statues at Kyunghee University. If students get on a lion statue near the main building, they become forever alone.
On July 13, Chungbuk National University signed an agreement with the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH) to build public housing to make a more stable residential environment for students. The project will provide public rental housing for college students and newlyweds by utilizing a well-positioned university property.
Gonggam, the current student council, began their work in February, 2018. Gonggam aimed to fulfill a total of 56 pledges. Only one semester remains before time will run out. Let’s check the status of their pledges and implementation plan. The pledges were classified into 3 categories: Rights, Communication, and Cultural affairs. Rights relate to students’ rights. For example, the direct election of the university president guarantees students’ rights by giving students the right to vote.
What did CBNU students do during their summer vacation? Some students may have studied, and some may have found a part-time job. Recently, many students are participating in overseas volunteer work during their vacation. Among them, CBT met Shin Hyun-tae(’13, Dept. of Nursing Science), the CBNU Overseas Volunteer Team leader, and listened to his volu nteer stories.
Lee Dong-woo, a sophomore of CBNU in the Dept. of Russian Language and Literature, donated 1 million won to the Library Supporters Project to help develop the library. This is the first time that a student from CBNU has donated to a development fund. The Library Supporters Project was planned to cover budget shortages, such as the cost of furniture and system equipment, in the newly-built library, which is connected to the CBNU Library.
Gong Gam, the CBNU student council, held the Gong Gam Festival on May 23rd for two days. Kim Ji-seon, the director of Culture Planning for the Student Council, said, “We came up with the theme for this festival from the ‘Bluespring Festival’ held in Seoul. Youth means young days of life, like CBNU students. We think of youth as a time when CBNU students shine. Also, we planned this festival with the hope that CBNU students would enjoy their youth through this festival.”
When walking around the campus of CBNU, university students can see many construction sites. The current construction of CBNU includes the library extension and the remodeling of the club center. This article explores how the library and the club building will be used in the future. The addition to the library, scheduled to be completed in December this year, is under final construction. The library extension is being built in the old parking lot of the existing library with a total area of 10,000㎡, and it will be a five-story building including a basement.
In 2018, the majority of domestic universities are going through difficulties in school management due to a lack of students. Starting with the 2020 university entrance exam to be held in 2019, the number of those who will enter universities is going to be higher than the number of high school graduates the so-called “university reversal phenomenon.” In 2021, three years from now, more and more colleges and universities will be shut down due to a failure to accommodate the quota for freshmen.
Every spring, our CBNU campus means a lot to people who come here for family picnics and student lectures. The school is a space for all people, but it is most importantly a space for students. As the number of outsiders increases, the CBNU students’ rights are gradually diminishing. Some of the students are even having serious difficulties because they are unable to use their school facilities due to the excessive outsiders.
The Physical Education wrestling team finished with good results in the 2018 Asian Junior Selecting Dispatch Player Competition, winning three golds, one silver, and one bronze medal. Kim In-seob(’16, Dept. of Physical Education) participated in the 82kg division of the Greco-man style and won the gold medal without a lost point during the competition. Kim Kyeong-seob(’16, Dept. of Physical Education) participated in the 67kg division of the Greco-man type and won the gold medal with outstanding match operation.
March is the month of graduation and orientation. Freshmen everywhere on campus are often seen struggling to find classrooms. They can find that school buildings are numbered according to their positions. Also, the Gaesin Culture Center has a bookstore, bakery, and other facilities that sell daily necessities, and the students know that CBNU strives to offer what students need for their welfare.
At the end of the vacation, students get on the Total Information Management System of CBNU to prepare for the new semester. The Total Information Management System(TIMS) provides a variety of services for the convenience of students. However, according to Lee Seung-ho, a leader of information teams in the Information and Computer Center, the utilization rate of the services, except for a few services, is very low even though the TIMS has many services.
The CBT met an author, Lee Da-eun, who has written short essays and poems about a variety of topics on SNS and has recently published a book, ‘The Season of Love’. Originally, I started writing when I was a freshman. However, I was devoted to studying my major and enjoyed my college life until my junior year. Then, I found myself writing on notepads while doing my assignments overnight.
Kim Jong-seo, who was elected as president of the 2018 student council, said, “Most of all, I want to say that thanks to all students. Forget about previous student councils. We will not exist separately from the students, and we will be with the students as much as our name is Gong Gam. We want to empathize with you. Again, I appreciate your support. Thank you very much.”
Last October, from the 11th to the 12th, the 2017 Gaesin Festival was held. This year, the student council was especially absent, so the Emergency Planning Committee and Festival Arrangement Committee initiated the Emergency Operations, which means they would rescue all CBNU students who were tired from daily life. The food booths and activity booths were run by each department, clubs, and some organizations.
Last October, a student of the College of Education wrote in the CBNU Bamboo, which posts anonymous reports for students. The student questioned why the Dept. of Science Education appeared with their pubs, the Gaesin Festival, athletics meets, the Haeoleum Festival and orientation. Though there were 13 departments of the College of Education, they merged their departments into just four.
The CBT reporters met exchange students Kritsanasang Narawadee(’17, Dept. of History) and Phothong Thonthep(’17, Dept. of Korean Education) from Thailand and heard their stories about campus life in Korea. Through this interview, we really hope that exchange students will have more chances to communicate with Koreans.
Korean students have thought the humanities are useless studies because the ratings of the students who will be employed as engineers have increased. However, many books of humanities, such as ‘A Leadership to Get One’s Mind’, ‘Humanities of Wise Investors’, ‘Reading Methods of Lee Dong-jin’, were released as bestsellers recently. Also, why have the humanities become popular on TV programs, seminars and in the publishing market?
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