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Humanities is familiar enough to people to be designated as one of the essentials within the university’s culture. However, people may not know exactly why people need the humanities. Why should people learn humanities? Through an interview with Prof. Ryoo Gi-taek of the Dept. of English Literature, who is currently the director of CBNU’s Institute for Humanities Research, a CBT reporter was able to find out what the Institute for Humanities Research is like and why humanities should be learned.
Prehistoric humans made records by painting on caves and rocks. Representative historical sources include Ulsan Bangudae Petroglyphs depicting whale hunting, boats and fishermen. Also, Russia’s Kalbaktash Petroglyphs depicting tiger hunting and using floats. Through petroglyphs, descendants were able to learn how to hunt. Afterwards, with the invention of writing, mankind began to transmit and accumulate information and knowledge over a long and wide range through recording media.
On July 28th, two teenagers were hit by a car while riding an electric scooter together without wearing helmets in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do. Due to the severe impact, they went flying into the air and crashed to the ground. In fact, there are numerous accidents involving E-scooters including those on university campuses. Electric scooters are classified as a ‘personal mobility device.’ According to ⸢Road Traffic Act⸥ Article 2, a personal mobility device is a motorcycle, which weighs less than 30 kilograms, equipped with a motor that cuts out when the device reaches a speed of 25 kilometers per hour, as prescribed by the Ordinance of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety.
The CBNU Liberal Education Department is running a reading program called ‘Communicating with Books’ to encourage students to read. This program isn’t well known. In fact, as a result of a survey of 50 students at our school from August 1st to 10th of this year, it became apparent that 68% of the students had never heard of the reading group called ‘Communicating with Books.’ Welcoming the reading month in September, a CBT reporter conducted an interview with Kim Jong-su, a researcher in the operation of ‘Communicating with Books’ to promote the program of our school’s aforementioned reading group.
On June 1st, the 8th National Local Election will be held, where all citizens aged 18 or older could vote. This means that Chungbuk National University students could also vote. It was an election held immediately after the 20th presidential election in March, and it was very important because the election of regional representatives has great impact on real life since they get to enforce specific policies.
The era of delivery of the perfect meal or beverage has dawned. The accessibility to food for those who cannot cook well, and to the world’s unique foods that are hard to get ingredients for has been improved by delivery services, though sometimes it is hard to opt for delivery because of high delivery fees. Accordingly, one of the internet communities have started to organize customers to order food from the same restaurant and split the delivery fees. ‘Modamu’ is a newly invented co-order delivery service that graft co-orders into general delivery services that people usually use.
May is the time when vegetation is green and lush. Although arboretums are crowded and flower festivals are held all over the country, unfortunately, the prolonged COVID-19 has blocked communication between nature and humans. Perhaps because of this problem, the number of people who grow plants at home are increasing, mainly among young people. However, growing plants requires a lot of care and detailed attention, and it is greatly influenced by the environment.
As face-to-face classes began from the first semester of 2022, extracurricular activities that have been suspended until then made a welcome comeback. In March, the first semester of the Ga-du Club Association was held for the first time in three years, and in April, the inauguration ceremony of the college student council was also held face-to-face. That was different for each college this time
The regulation on the use of disposable products in stores was implemented once in August 2018. Due to COVID-19, its implementation was suspended and then implemented again from April 1st this year. These are some of the bills of ‘Restriction on the Use of Disposable Products’ revised this year: Prohibition of the Use of about 18 disposable items in foodservice stores, Disposable Cup Deposit System, Expansion of disposable items and target industries.
The first semester of the 2022 school year will begin at Chungbuk National University on March 2nd, when the opening issue, 202 of the English Chungbuk Times is published. This semester, which coincides with the arrival of new freshmen, is the first one in about two years where all classes are conducted face-to-face. CBT reporters wanted to create a space for students to ask seniors questions about school life, including those who are entering the school at 22 and those who have not properly experienced face-to-face classes.
There are several little-known and useful facilities on offer at CBNU. Today, this CBT reporter would like to focus on the CBNU Sports Center, which opened in November last year. This is truly a beneficial sports facility designed to promote sports activities for school members and local residents. This building is located behind the Gaesin Cultural Center in E2 building, and it consists of 5 floors in total. The basement floor has an underground parking lot, a sports science center, and a wrestling ring. The first floor boasts a golf practice range, a swimming pool, squash courts, a coffee shop, and a sports supply store.
Back in 2019, a pasta restaurant near Hongdae tried ‘The Good Influence shop’ first. It offers free meals for children with a ‘children’s meal card.’ Soon, it developed into a Self-employed worker’s community that provides free meals, medical services, and lectures to children and generally exerts good influence on the community. Similarly, CBNU also has a restaurant owner who is participating in a good influence campaign. He is Lee Jeong-woo, the owner of the ‘Ilmiri Geumgye Jjimdak Chungbuk National University Branch.’
An election was recently held to elect the 54th student council of Chungbuk National University for 2022. Moon Ji-hoon, from the Department of Political Science and International Relations, ran as a single candidate to be the president of the student council. He was elected as a president with a margin of 85%. This is quite remarkable since there was a 50.73% turnout for this election. In May, the Chungbuk National University Press conducted a satisfaction survey on the Cross Student Council among students on campus.
Centralization is a very common phenomenon in this era, and it is creating a noticeable gap in various fields. It has had a marked influence upon foreign students alike. Therefore, in the light of this phenomenon, schools located in local areas are making serious efforts to attract as many students as possible. In this article, CBT reporters intends to find out more about Chungbuk National University’s strategies and efforts to attract foreign students.
Welcoming the last month of 2021, CBT reporters reported on what has been accomplished by the 53rd Cross General Student Council of Chungbuk National University over the past year. The reporters had an interview with Oh Tae-young, the current president. In short, the main commitments made by the council over the past year were: ‘Entering buildings on campus with a mobile student ID QR code’, ‘Pre-freshman orientation’, ‘Improvement of the campus police system’ and ‘Gradually opening the central library for 24 hours on a daily basis.’
Chungbuk National University held an annual festival, called Gaesin Daedong-je, that should not be missed. This year was no exception, and it was the second untact Gaesin Daedong-je held at Chungbuk National University. The Untact Gaesin Daedong-je, which ran from Octoer 26th to 28th, was a non-face-to-face event due to the COVID-19. The festival theme was R&B where the ‘R’ stands for ‘Road’ to move forward based on the 70th anniversary of the university, and the ‘B’ stands for pioneering a new path against the ‘Background’ of justice.
The university history center, attached to the Chungbuk National University museum, will independently open in December. It will be located in building N19 on the west side of the college of human ecology, the oldest building on the Gaesin campus. The university history center shines a light on the development of the university. There are collections and exhibitions of the process performing the unique functions of university form its inception in 1951 to the present and the data produced as a result. All university-related materials such as university symbols, souvenirs, photos, videos, and costumes are being collected to improve the affectioning feeling of university members and former students.
Currently, since the world has faced COVID-19 and the fourth industrial revolution, cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, Biochip, Gene therapy, Robot, Autonomous cars and so on are in the limelight. Therefore, numerous companies put efforts on launching innovative products and services based on these high technologies. In this environment, protecting intellectual property rights and initiatively creating and utilizing them are exceedingly important.
Do you know that Chungbuk National University celebrated its 70th anniversary this year? The university is conducting various commemoration events to mark the 70th anniversary of its foundation. However, it is difficult to visit the school due to COVID-19. A CBT reporter would like to deliver news on what events are being held and in progress instead. First, let the reporter introduce the events that took place during 2020 and the first half of 2021.
“The parties to this agreement… recognizing the need for an effective and progressive response to the urgent threat of climate change based on the best available scientific knowledge… acknowledging that climate change is a common concern of humankind… recognizing the importance of the conservation and enhancement, as appropriate, of sinks and reservoirs of the greenhouse gases referred to in the convention… Have agreed as follows.”
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