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Kim Jeong-hyeok(’14, Dept. of Biology) said, “On weekends, our students must use student ID cards to enter the school buildings. However, there are many cases of trouble with ADT card readers. There is no repair service for this, so I had an inconvenient experience.” Kim Ji-hyeon(’16, Dept. of Ethics Education) said, “I felt uncomfortable using the library. The sidewalk in front of the library was broken, so I tripped and almost fell over while passing by. In addition, I always feel awkward whenever people sit down in the library because the chairs make a creaking sound.”
BNU, consisting of Dept. of Food Science and Biotechnology seniors Park Woo-hyun, Lee Tae-hoon, and Park Jung-hyun, was selected as one of the top 10 teams at the preliminaries of the Challenge! K-start-up 2017, a government start-up competition hosted by the Ministry of Education in August. Thanks to this achievement, Bugsfood has been selected as a representative of Chungcheong Province to go to the finals.
Last July 16th, the Chung-cheong province turned into a madhouse because of the localized heavy rain which began the night before. Houses, roads, shopping districts, and farmlands sunk under the water and there were frequent landslides. Over a thousand cars were submerged under the water and roads were damaged. In Cheong-ju city, 290mm of rain poured down, which was the most amount since 1995, so Musim Stream, which goes through the city, overflowed. Fortunately, the localized heavy rain entered a quiet stage in the afternoon on that day.
Recently, except for Seoul National University, the discussion about merging the nine local major national universities in Korea (Kangwon Univ., Kyungpook Univ., Gyeongsang Univ., Busan Univ., Chonnam Univ., Chonbuk Univ., Jeju Univ., Chungnam Univ., Chungbuk Univ.) into one national university, called ‘Hankuk University’, has been ongoing. On July 25th, a brief session on the admission requirements of the nine local major universities was held in Busan University, and it was interpreted as a first step in the discussion about Hankuk University consolidation.
Have you ever seen the Spiderman statue standing on top of the Art College? Seo Jun-bae, who amazes many people by making life-like figures, like the Spiderman, is a student majoring in sculpting. Now, he is working as a ‘figure artist’. People might be unfamiliar with this job because it doesn’t sound like an occupation, but he recently worked for ‘Netflix’. We met him to figure out what he does as a figure artist.
Park Eun-bi, who is a student of the Dept. of English Language and Literature, said, “I usually go to the CBNU library to copy my assignments or borrow some books. Actually, I don’t know what other services are provided there.” As such, the CBNU library has been used just as a place where CBNU students can study during their exam periods and borrow books they need. However, other than those kinds of common functions of the library, there are various services and materials that many students don’t know about in the CBNU library.
According to a recent survey about pseudo-religions that 293 CBNU students took part in, 47% of them had an experience where they met pseudo-religion propagators. In addition, 28.7% of the students ran into the propagators more than five times. Regarding the places where the students met the propagators, 51.1% of the students met them in the Jung-mun area. The most frequent way that the propagators used to approach the students (49.3% of responses) was to give free gifts for the purpose of getting students’ phone numbers.
The ‘Hae-ul’, which is a group of CBNU ambassadors, was organized in 2009. Until now, they have tried to promote CBNU. In April, the 9th Hae-ul, called the ‘Friend Hae-ul’, was launched to start 2017. The CBT reporters met the male president Ha Heon-min(’12, Dept. of Wood and Paper Science) and the female president Choi Seok-hee(’15, Dept. of Russian Language and Culture) to hear more about the 9th Hae-ul.
Last February 15th, CBNU announced that the College of Pharmacy had completely finished relocating its department to the Osong campus, which is located in the Osong industrial complex. This means that establishing the Osong campus, which was part one of the university projects, is finally done. The project of expanding the campus area has carried forward since 2015
Every March, the Haeoleum Festival is held by each college in CBNU for freshmen. It is one of the most exciting events because not only do freshmen prepare for it, but other students who are not freshmen can also participate in it. However, many students have complained about the event for recent years. Furthermore, some of them have insisted that the Haeoleum Festival should be abolished.
For 4 weeks, from last Jan. 22nd to Feb. 18th, CBNU’s volunteer team Hanrabong went to Nicaragua in Central America for educational volunteer work. Hanrabong, which consisted of 20 members and a leader, Han Jae-young (Professor of Dept of Chemistry Education), conducted educational activities for Nicaraguan students that comprised 10 subjects: math, physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, economy, Korean, English, culture, and IT. Let’s hear from Prof. Han Jae-young.
A student who majors in computer engineering said, “Since it is hard for me to study English during the semester, I usually make time for TOEIC studies when I am on vacation. I wish I had started to study English when I was in the lower grades in college. From taking English liberal arts to getting public English scores for a job, studying English is indispensable for university students.
The CBNU dormitories have changed the selection rule in 2017. From 2017, the dormitories are going to raise the ratio of freshmen residents to 60%. Besides undergraduates, 6% of residents are graduate students, 15% of residents are international students, and 8% are Korean trainees.
On January 2, 2017, CBNU students went abroad to do volunteer work. I heard some stories about three students who went to Vietnam to do volunteer work as a part of the program of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).
In 2015, on the 27th of November, Chungjeonwanryo was re-elected as the student council. Chungjeonwanryo spoke of their aspirations that they will satisfy every single student. They strongly emphasized their major pledges such as the 112 Campaign, where one council member meets 2 students per a day to communicate, and A+ Improvement, which expands the number of students who can earn an A+, even though it received the most complaints.
The students of the Dept. of Physical Education have achieved good results in the recent competitions. In particular, their achievements in the 97th National Sports Festival in Asan were remarkable. 35 CBNU students took part in 5 different events and won medals: three gold medals(singles and doubles soft tennis and 71kg class of wrestling), one silver medal(55kg class of wrestling) and three bronze medals(doubles soft tennis, discus and 57kg class of wrestling).
The CBNU Disability Support Center has installed various facilities for handicapped students’ convenience, and it is running a lot of programs to aid the handicapped. The Center installed a barrier-free room for handicapped students to take a rest between classes this semester. This room has been utilized as a lounge by the disabled students and a place for educating middle school and high school students about the disabled.
Dissatisfied comments about Pungmul (Korean traditional percussion) band’s activities can be seen easily on CBNU-related SNS, such as ‘CBNU Daeshin Jeonhaedripnida’, ‘CBNU Daenamoosoop’ on Facebook or CBNU’s Daum online cafe. Typical samples are, ‘Samulnori(Korean traditional percussion quartet)’s sounds are so annoying,’ and ‘Samulnori has returned right after Chuseok! The past few days were so nice and quiet.’
There is a person who cleans up our school beyond our sight. Lee Sun-ja is a cleaning woman belonging to the College of Business. She told us the story of a CBNU cleaning woman’s life. My name is Lee Sun-ja. I have worked for 5 years as a cleaning woman in the College of Business building (N14). The College of Business building consists of five floors. I clean up the third floor to the fifth floor, and the other custodian cleans up the first two floors.
The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) announced on August 30th that its Adhesion Contract Division inspected 17 national and private university dormitories’ adhesion contracts and demanded them to rectify the unfair clauses. In the case of the CBNU Residence Halls, the clauses of no refund for mid-contract termination were pointed out by the KFTC, so the CBNU Residence Halls rectified the related clauses.
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